Hyderabad students survey on travelling and tours

Hyderabad students survey : ‘Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home’ Sounds perfect isn’t it? Who will not want to travel? Travelling to a new place is an emotion that can’t be filled by something else or someone. Going to a new place with loved ones will be the best times in everyone’s life. No matter how aged or how young a person might be, everyone feels the same, as said travel is an emotion

People travel for Peace, happiness, relief. These days travel and tourism is getting a big whoop. There are few places around the world which are actually most desired to travel instead saying most preferred.

Paris is the city that’s most desired city to travel.

Tokyo is the busiest and safest city around the world.

Maui, New York, Barcelona, Sydney, RIO, Amsterdam, Grand Canyon are few of the most beautiful cities around  the world.

Hyderabad stands 5th best city around the world to live in according to a survey. This made us Hyderabadi people keep our head-up. A Hyderabadi student conducted a survey which took a buzz in youth of the city.

Of the Hyderabad youth, 92% of the youth like to, nah, Love to travel

Family, adventure, spiritual are the most common type purpose of your travel for the Hyerabadi’s patte

Most of the youth (48%) love to Travel with friends, rest like to travel with family and a minor part would like to travel alone

Lone travelling is the best. You get to learn, explore, experience new things.

58% of the Hyderabadi youth  love to travel too often. Patte log apne aisich rehna. The rest prefer to travel occasionally it-seems.

And to the most best part, hyderabadi youth travel to cherish the best parts of their time. Its 48% youth’s word. In  The rest 10% patte Love to travel for fun and 42% for peace.

62% of the youth like to go on trips no matter short or long trips. 38% stick to long trips and 10% to short trips

Again 62% of the people love to travel across India irrespective of North or South segregation.22% prefer South and 12% to North. 4% would like to travel out of India.

No beach, no hill stations in HYDERABAD, 40.8% prefer to feel the best  feels of the Hill station. 34.7% want to spend time at the beach in their Travel time.

Budget is a major part, 46% spend about 5000-15000 bugs on their travel time. The rest are high budget  people.

52% don’t follow Travel blogs.

Do you wish to go for a World tour? Yoooooo! 87.2% of the Hyderabadi’s like to go on a world tour.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Author: Elyuxen

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