Anando Brahma review, Anando Brahma is laugh out loud of this week

Anando Brahma is laugh out loud of this week.Anando Brahma review.Anando Brahma collections.Tapsee, Vennela Kishore,Srinivas Reddy, Tagubothu Ramesh.Music by k Apply as student news reporter from your college Facebook
Film: Anando Brahma 
Banner: 70 MM Entertainments
Cast: Tapsee, Vennela Kishore, Srinivas Reddy, Tagubothu Ramesh, Vijayachander and others
Producers: Vijay Chilla & Sasidhar Devi Reddy
Director: Mahi V Raghav
Music Director: K
Release date: August 18, 2017
Horror comedy has almost been an every Friday affair since Prema Katha Chitram, which was a humongous hit. But someone where down the line, the audience got tired of watching this genre. What’s special Anando Brahma has got to offer?
Anando Brahma review What is it about?
Siddhu (Srinivas Reddy) is living his life with a weak heart which has a hole. As a temporary way of keeping it safe, he adopts reverse emotion therapy where he has to laugh in fear and cry in excitement. He needs 25 lakhs to get himself treated. Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar, and Tagubothu Ramesh too need money desperately for their personal reasons.
The flip side, there is a house on sale owned by Rajeev Kanakala. However, not many people are interested to purchase the house as it is rumored to be a residence of ghosts. Rajeev Kanakala needs to prove that there resides no ghost in the house for a good sale.
Siddhu requests Kanakala to let him and his gang stay in the house for three nights so that he can disprove the existence of ghosts. Kanakala nods yes agrees to pay 20% of what he gets from selling the house.
What happens when those four enter the house? How is Tapsee connected with the house? Know the answers in theaters.
Anando Brahma review Artists and Performances :
Tapsee had good scenes to emote herself, which she did absolutely fine. Here and there, she even startles the audience. Srinivas Reddy carried himself pretty well throughout the film. His reactions to ghost appearances will leave you in laughs. Vennela Kishore, yet another time stamps his mark. Shakalaka Shankar steals the show from everyone in the second half. His imitation episodes will tickle your ribs. Thagubothu Ramesh was equally hilarious in the bathroom scene. It was good to see veteran actor Vijay Chandra after a very long time. Rajeev Kanakala played his part with ease. Last but not the least, Sudheer Babu’s cameo doesn’t go in vain.
Anando Brahma review Technical Talk :
The cinematography is surprisingly excellent in a film of this size. Although 90% of the film is shot in one single house, you would never get bored of the frames. Editing could have been little sharper. Background score is in tune with the mood of the movie.
Anando Brahma review Analysis :
As said earlier, horror comedy is almost an every Friday affair in Telugu Cinema. We have lost everything we had for the genre. But Anando Brahma brings back the genre into the game with a different theme. Have you seen a man standing tall in front of a ghost? But, you haven’t. This is what makes Anando Brahma a different thing from the rest of horror comedies. In the first 15 minutes itself, the director shows his clever side with a screenplay technique. In the process of making the audience aware of four different back stories of four characters, the director takes some time and therefore the tempo gets loose. But nothing like testing our patience. With a decent first half, the film looks like a passable stuff. It is the second half, where things take a turn around and there begins a hilarious big show. The only complaint is the climax, which fails to reach the expectations. On an overall note, Anando Brahma is a laughing riot.
Anando Brahma review Plus Points :
* Theme
* Shakalaka Shankar
* Emotional touch to the ghosts
* Comedy
Anando Brahma review Minus Points:
* A slight drop after first fifteen minutes
* Climax
Brief Note :
Laugh out loud

Anando Brahma is laugh out loud of this week.Anando Brahma review.Anando Brahma collections.Tapsee, Vennela Kishore,Srinivas Reddy, Tagubothu Ramesh.Music director k

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