Meet the youngest Beat boxers Bandimet Warriors from Govt. School

Youngest Beatboxers Bandimet Warriors: Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines, using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.The Internet has played a large part in the popularity of modern beatboxing. Alex Tew (aka A-Plus) started the first online community of beatboxers in 2000 under the banner of HUMAN BEATBOX.Today there is an increase in the variety in which we see beatboxing throughout the musical culture. People have gone as far as adding beatboxing in with different instruments to create a completely different sound unlike any other.

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 youngest Beat boxers Bandimet Warriors

Meet the beatboxers Pranay, Khaja, Zaibunnisa, Omika, Veeranna

Youngest Beatboxers Bandimet Warriors:

Now meet the youngest beatboxers of India from a Government school in Hyderabad. This team has five students from the same school with the names Pranay, Khaja, Zaibunnisa, Omika, Veeranna. These students learned to beatbox at the NGO which was started in their school called Camp Diaries. Camp Diaries is a Student Run Non-Governmental Organisation with a tagline “Where PASSION meets SERVICE” serving in different government schools across India.
youngest Beatboxers
These youngest beatboxers deserve to write their own story and follow their passion. Sanskriti,  member of the Camp Diaries said “Our aim through these camps is that each kid leaves with a zeal to pursue them.The kids picked the activity real quick and found their passion in it”.
These youngest beatboxers are trained by Camp Diaries. Members of Camp diaries said “The personality changes that we’ve seen in them so far is tremendous. Their learning is to a level that they teach other kids now”.
They have also performed at various slams, open mics, and college fests. They have recently auditioned for under 18 beatboxing championships.Two of them want to become beatboxers. One of them wants to be a scientist and the other TFI fellow.

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