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Autograph stories : Every College has the same goal; which is to educate students and give them the knowledge that will help them along the way in life.

As a kid, many people get asked different variations of the same question: “What has been your best experience?” And even at that age, there are many joyful moments to consider birthday parties, trips to the local amusement park, and bicycle-riding lessons. But often, it is not until your adult life that you go through many of your most valuable events which happens in college life. Some, for instance, may find their time in the military to be of utmost importance to them, while others sometimes find that their experience as a parent was the most rewarding one they have had. Personally, though, we consider the time in college as my most valuable experience.First, experience in college will give you a chance to sharpen  skills in your field of choice. There have been, and there will continue to be, many opportunities to learn more ways of improving m craft as a result of time in college.

We all have memories from our childhood that we’d likely rather forget. Sometimes it’s those very same painful life lessons that have the most lasting impact on your world view.Share your story with and get a chance to win 1,00,000 INR cash prize for best story. Let the world know about your story and inspire at least one.

Just three rules to follow to write Autograph stories:

  1. The writer should not copy the story from an internet source.
  2. A min of 400 words should be used and attach a min of 5 HD pictures (copyright free images)
  3. Elyuxen will have the right to publish the story in every medium.

Anyone can participate/write story.Open to everyone. Autograph stories #

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