Attention sweets lovers, World Sweet festival in Hyderabad from 13th jan

World Sweet festival in Hyderabad: The World Sweet Festival (WSF-2018) will be held in Hyderabad from January 13 to showcase the cosmopolitan nature of Hyderabad in a sweet way. The sweets from around 25 states in India and 15 foreign countries, to be prepared locally by members of various associations, will be displayed at the event, being organized by the Telangana government. The 3-day festival would be organised in association with various cultural, language and region-based associations of people, including those from foreign countries living in Hyderabad. The event would be held along with kites festival which the Telangana government organises every year.  Cancer in India hits more women but men died more

World Sweet festival will be featuring more than 1000 sweets from across 25 Indian States and 15 Foreign Countries. This festival is organised by the Telangana government as a first of its kind festival, the three-day event will begin on January 13, at the Parade Grounds, in Secunderabad. The secretary of Telangana Tourism said “The festival is conceptualised to provide a ‘sweet link’ connecting different communities and appreciate the variations,We want to make Hyderabad a place to head for if someone is looking for a sweet that is typical to any region in the country”. Follow us on facebook for more updates

Some of the Varieties In World Sweet festival from India

Chomchomcham cham, or chum chum: A traditional Bengali sweet that is popular in  India and Bangladesh. It comes in a variety of colors, mainly light pink, light yellow, and white. cham cham is also coated with coconut flakes as a garnish. Nankhatai is a shortbread cookie from India. It is very close to ‘Pecan Sandies’ in United States, Besan Ladoo, Papaya Halwa, Kaju Katli, Mysore Pak,  Achu Murukku and many more.

The stalls in World Sweet festival  will be categorised by the kind of sweets being offered. The stalls will have women exhibiting and selling the sweets.

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