Workshop in Elan-IIT Hyderabad

Have you ever wondered how iron man uses his technology to create a robotic arm which works on his touch and his voice!  Voice control is very tough but it is not the same with touch control can be lea, which can be learned and be used for various purposes.

Elan brings forth the first workshop of this year. This workshop’s objectives are designing and deploying a metal Arm which basically means we can make a cool electronic arm. This is done by haptic technology. which is explored in recent years. Haptics is the science of applying touch and control for interaction with virtual or physical applications used in the dexterous hand from the NASA’s collection of humanoids. This technology is a must learn for the robotic enthusiasts.


The robotic arm serves as a foundation for building the humanoid robot. This workshop is  meant to help in construction of the haptic suite, where various sessions on touch sensors and programming the controller are conducted. Basics of the topics are covered in these sessions and exciting part is that, it has no pre-requisites.

This is a 2 day workshop, which will be  conducted on August 27th and 28th, where one gets to work eight hours a day in his group. The accommodation is provided and certification is ensured. The minimum number of team numbers to attend this event is 5 and a free kit of worth Rs 5,000 is given.

There are other incentives as well mentioned in the website
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