Women and children are found to be the most common victims of molestation

It’s not just women. Men are also being abused but, in a DIFFERENT way! MOLESTATION, also referred to as sexual abuse, is usually undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another. Women and children are found to be the most common victims of molestation. The plight of the victims is heart-rending. The Very often victim and his/her family are not accepted well in the society which makes the situation even more worse for them. They have to go through the abuse initially and then are deprived of proper condolences later in the society. But, things are changing now. Women are receiving huge amounts of support whenever needed in such cases these days, which is a good sight. But, what if the boy involved did not actually abuse the girl? How does he prove that he is not a molester? These questions remain unanswered. It’s highly saddening to see that whenever there is an issue or case of molestation, the so-called molester is directly being sent to remind or a FIR is filed immediately without any investigation. The worst part is that few women are taking advantage of this support system. Now, who should we believe? What is the solution? It is very often seen that women don’t generally come forward to let the world know what has been happening to them. And when finally someone dares to tell the world about their plight, here are these women who take advantage of the sympathy given and use it to abuse innocent men. They not only make false allegations but also threaten the victim(the so-called molester) and demand money from them to settle the issue. Not very long ago, the whole country went awestruck at the bravery of Rohtak sisters. The entire country stood in support of them and appreciated their guts. But very few of us know that the allegations made on the boys involved were actually false and baseless. Sumit, one of the boys involved in the issue was not being allowed to go to the college because his family is scared of such false allegations. “It’s very painful and only the one who is going through can understand the plight,” says Sumit in a documentary.


Despite this being an issue back in 2014, there are many such incidents still taking place in various parts of the country. It’s excruciating to see someone’s life getting spoiled because of few women’s greediness and exploitation. Shouldn’t we raise our voice against this? Both men and women should equally respond and raise their voices to prevent this exploitation from happening. Because SILENCE TO EXPLOITATION IS KILLING GENUINITY. Read more editorials here

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