Warangal Students made an Innovative Idol Making Machine

Warangal: Warangal students made Idol Making Machine as part of national-level community problem solving competition conducted in Madurai between January 5 and January 7. The Six students from SR Engineering College were winners competing with 29 other colleges from Warangal. Their creative and low cost solution to help idol makers in a village raise their productivity which influenced time saving.Essay writing competition for students -2018

Student Says:

Also contestants from states like Punjab, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Gujarat have participated in the completion. “It was a three-day workshop with one day spent in a village. Through our conversations with the locals, we understood that they mostly worked manually, with each unit producing around 10 idols a day.” A student said. “It is indeed a challenge and what gave us immense satisfaction is solving a problem” said another student.

More Solutions with Idol Making Machine:

Their solution will be economical and affordable for the villager, he said. “Our design is custom-made for their requirements. They export their idols to places like Japan where there’s a huge demand for such work and now with our design, they’ll be able to make more profits in lesser time,” he says, as he goes on to explain how their product will stand out. “Firstly, the machine will be made with material recycled from plastic. The mixing of the contents and cutting work have so far been hand processed. We have now designed a machine which will reduce manual work,” told Vineeth, Follow us on facebook   

Aim of the students:

The team aims to come up with their first batch of machines in the next six months and duties have already been divided amongst the team. Vineeth and Md Imran Ahmad are in charge of model prototyping and design, K. Enosh will check on the metallurgical details while S. Sirihasa and K. Sricharan will handle the documentation and sketching.

Meanwhile, Vineeth is also co-ordinating with D. Vinay on the financial feasibility and viability of the product. The second and third prize winners at the competition organised by the Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education IUCEE-Student Consortium for Advancement and Learning in Engineering Education at the Tyagaraja College of Engineering, were also colleges from Telangana — BVRIET and CVSR from Hyderabad.

Author: Sai Kumar

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