Volunteer for Hyderabad premier league and get iPhone 7+ from Elyuxen

Hyderabad premier league volunteer meet on 11th june from 7:00 am to 10 : 00am at Country club hyderabad . Click here for details 

HPL abbreviated Hyderabad premier league , captioned LOVE CRICKET, PLAY CRICKET, and WIN CRICKET is a franchise based domestic Twenty20 league in Hyderabad, Telangana. It is an initiative taken by Elyuxen Student Newspaper and is played annually, predominantly for the youth of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The tollywood actor Akkineni Akhil is the brand Ambassador for HPL.

To be recognized as an ideal/ supreme platform for the youth of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to exhibit their brilliance in the field of cricket regardless of age, race, religion, culture thereby reaching our transformation goal of promoting talented budding cricketers through quality cricket played in the true spirit of the game.


  • Mission to further the sport of cricket by
  • Creating opportunities to explore the sport of cricket
  • Building a diversified community, promoting, encouraging, foster and cultivating the sport at all levels
  • Reflecting our spirit, energy, richness and passion in every area of activity, from organizing, teams to the stadium in which to compete and be entertained
  • Inducing the sense of integrity, sportsmanship, team spirit, unity, competitiveness and coherence in amateur cricketers.

Hyderabad premier league invites students to volunteer for most happening cricket event in hyderabad in the month of june and july.

If you have already registered as volunteer from hplt20.org website do not register here again

Grand list of incentives Hyderabad premier league provides to Volunteers.

  1. iPhone 7+ from Elyuxen student newspaper (Register now for  more details).
  2. Get a Celebrity Signed T shirt ,
  3. Certificate of Gratitude from Hyderabad premier league ,
  4.  Volunteering Certificate from Elyuxen
  5. Certificate of Participation from  State govt. (Telangana Cricket association)
  6. Food for 10 days is provided
  7. Free VVIP entry passes on opening ceremony day
  8. Special Hyderabad premier league incentives to volunteers from Sponsors.

Register here to be part of HPL Volunteers team

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To know about franchise details click here

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