Mula Suresh Goud from VJIT college to attend Google’s Summit in Goa

Google's SummitGoogle’s Summit: Mula Suresh Goud, a Student of Third Year Computer Science and Engineering Department from Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology has been honorably invited to attend Google’s Summit in Goa on 22 February 2018 as student lead from Hyderabad. At Google’s Summit, Mula Suresh Goud who is currently a student lead to Google will give presentations on Technology Development Programs, Workshops, and Tech Talks.

Mula Suresh Goud to lead colleges to Google’s Summit

HOD Dr Vijay kumar

VJIT principal Dr padmajameesala

Suresh Goud conducted workshops on these topics in Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology and other colleges for over 250+ hours in the last two months which made him student lead of Google summit. Embarking success with the launch of Developer Student Society at Vidya Jyoti Institute of technology, to students leads across the national university, Tier 1,2 Institutions.

With respect to these, summit expenses are sponsored by GOOGLE  with the stay and return flight tickets. On behalf of these, principal of Vidya Jyoti institute of technology, Dr. Padmaja meesala and Head of department computer science and engineering, Dr.vijay Kumar congratulates for his outstanding achievement.
Reported by Aravind kumar perumanagari (VJIT college)

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