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Film : Vivekam (Vivegam)
Banner : Sathya Jyothi films
Cast : Ajith Kumar, Kajal Agarwal, Vivek Oberoi, Akshara Haasan and others
Producers : Sendhil Tyagarajan and Arjun Tyagarajan
Director : Siva
Music Director : Anirudh Ravichandar
Release date : August 24, 2017
Few combinations generate a special class of hype and buzz. The duo of Ajith Kumar and Siva falls into such league. They delivered blockbusters like Veeram and Vedalam in the past. Vivegam, a spy thriller is the product of their third collaboration which is dubbed into Telugu as Vivekam.
Vivekam review What is it about?
Ajay Kumar aka AK (Ajith Kumar) is a spy agent employed to battle against terrorism. He holds immense respect and admiration from people around him. He loves his wife (Kajal) who is a sort of relief in his high profile world. But things don’t run smoothly as his own friend, member of the same squad Aaryan (Vivek Oberoi) betrays him for a reason. Ajay’s career is lost. The rest of the story is all about Ajay stands tall against the odds and fights back in the comeback.
Vivekam review Artists & Performances :
You need no introduction lines about Thala Ajith Kumar. He is unarguably one of the finest actors and biggest Superstars ever to grace Tamil silver screen. Vivekam tells again why he is what he is today. Wonder how did he manage to shape himself into a spy role so convincingly in the mid-40s. Just wait for rolling titles time in theaters, we bet you will start admiring him like millions do in Tamil Nadu. Ajith has given more than 100% in every visible way for Vivekam.
Kajal Agarwal is beautiful but you may not adore her as she brings boredom in the blast. Well, that’s rude but the truth has to be spoken. Vivek Oberoi is good in his zone. Akshara Haasan sparkled in a cameo.
Technical Talk :
Survaiva is a sensation that you all know. Anirudh’s music as a high repeat value. Background score wins over the chart buster album. Now, imagine what Anirudh have pulled off for Vivekam. His background score can be used as a reference for all upcoming stylish action flicks. Music is definitely one of the highlights. The cinematography is in another league. You get a Hollywood feel few to several times.
Actions episodes need special mention. Don’t even try to blink your eye whenever an action episode comes on screen. Irrespective of your involvement in the film as a viewer, you would definitely enjoy the high octane action episodes to the full. Production values are super rich. Editing fails.
Analysis :
  • Spy thrillers aren’t seen often on Indian screen. We may not even be able to recall anything huge in this genre. When Vivekam (Vivegam) was announced as an international thriller, probably audience got prepared to see a bond kind of thriller with a serious problem but nothing like a revenge drama. In general, we expect spy guys to be clever and cool instead of emotional. But Vivekam is all about rage and revenge. It’s a half baked spy movie offering nothing new to the audience, except for Hollywood level stunts. If you are an action movie lover, Vivekam is worth watching for you. But if you want to see a good and new story on screen, director Siva is not going to satisfy you.

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