Vip 2 movie review, Vip 2 movie is spoof of Raghuvaran movie

Vip2 movie is a sequel of Tamil VIP franchise. Vip2 movie review. Vip2 movie rating and collections. Raghuvaran movie. Vip2 songs.Dhanush. Anirudh. Apply as student news reporter from your college Readmore facebook
Film: VIP 2
Banner:  Wunderbar Films and V.Creations
Cast: Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul, Ritu Varma & others
Producers: Dhanush & Kalaipuli S Thanu
Director: Soundarya Rajinikanth
Music Director: Sean Roldan
Release date: August 25, 2017
Raghuvaran, the dubbed version of Tamil film VIP has had a massive success at Telugu box office. In order to cash the VIP brand, Dhanush made VIP 2 as a mini bi-lingual where the film was originally shot in Tamil and few to several scenes were shot in Telugu too. Let’s see if or not this sequel lived up to the expectations generated from the first part.
What is it about?
As the story ends in VIP, Raghuvaran is a settled Engineer now living a happy and sounding life with his wife (Amala Paul) and father. He works for Anitha constructions as you know. Vasundhara (Kajol) a big name in the real estate’s world, impressed by Raghuvaran’s work in the competitor’s company, puts an offer to work for her. But Raghuvaran rejects the offers and buys a rivalry with Vasundhara. Here begin the cat and mouse fight between Raghuvaran and Vasundhara.
Artists & Performances
Although Dhanush wasn’t at his best, was good playing the Raghuvaran for the second time. Few mannerisms take us down the line into memories. Anyhow, this a child’s play for the actor. Kajol is perfect as a self-made arrogant and confident big shot. She fits into the character. Amala Paul had to play to a different version of Shalini this time, which she did. Ritu Verma did her part in a cameo.
   Vip2 movie review Technical Talk
Anirudh helped the first part in a big way with his music. For the unknown reason, he is not being employed for the second part. This is where VIP 2 started its flop journey. Tunes composed by Sean Roldan aren’t catchy. Nothing to get surprised, the makers used signature tunes of Anirudh from the first part. Editing is in low standards. Production values are good. The cinematography is one department which deserves a mention.
Vip2 movie review Analysis:
VIP received a warm welcome from Tamil and Telugu audience as it dealt with an every random household issue of unemployment. The fun was natural and emotions were natural. It was a story happening around us. The sequel lacks everything that worked in the first part. The change over in Vasundhara doesn’t even look convincing. There are bits between Raghuvaran and Vasundhara which work but on a whole, there is no serious attachment for the audience with their rivalry. It just fails although Dhanush and Kajol delivered good performances. VIP 2 lacks the soul of Raghuvaran offering nothing new.
Vip2 movie review plus Points
* Dhanush and Kajol
* Couple of episodes resembling the first part
   Vip2 movie review minus Points
* Story
* Soundarya’s taking
* Music
Brief Note
Looks like a spoof of Raghuvaran.Btech
 Vip2 movie review rating:
Vip2 movie is sequel of Tamil VIP franchise. Vip2 movie review. Vip2 movie rating and collections. Raghuvaran movie. Vip2 songs.Dhanush. Anirudh.

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