Ultrasound training to be given to MBBS graduates.

HYDERABAD:A new order have been released in view of public healthcare sector, Ultrasound  sound training will be given to final year graduates of MBBS.The action would be under the state health department as many primary health centres and other delivery points dont have radiologists to perform those tests.

Under emergency situations, patients are travelling long distances to get tests done either at government run or private run hospitals.
The step was taken as per the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act and Supreme Court guidelines, is expected to implement this at district and teaching hospitals.Councelling for minorities to be held soon in Hyderabad.

Committee to be set up:
A ‘state-level, high powered expert committee’ including health department officials and state medical council representatives as members has been setup for the processing of the Act.
The committee will gather pros and cons once in three months and supervise activities related to the six-month doctors training.Follow us on Facebook


Officials to be appointed:

The committee is also  responsible for “preparation of syllabus, manuals for both theory and logbook assessment/practicals and preparation of question papers and other materials,” order copy says.
The order also gives special powers to the committee to include officials from other disciplines as well as other experienced non-officials, if  necessary.


MBBS is back bone of nation:
MBBS candidates will be selected from the Directorate of Public Health and Family Welfare and from the T Vaidya Vidhana Parishad. Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae are the two first professional degrees in medicine and surgery awarded upon graduation from medical school by universities in countries that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom. The historical degree nomenclature suggests that they are two separate undergraduate degrees; however, in practice, they are usually treated as one and conferred together, and may also be awarded at graduate-level medical schools.

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