Two New Moons Possibly Discovered Orbiting Uranus

Two New moons : Much like the other gas giants, the planet Uranus is home to many moons. Though it trails Jupiter and Saturn by a wide margin, Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, currently has 27 known satellites, which is the third-highest total in the solar system. It may be about to add two more moons to its total as well.

The news about finding two new moons behind the planet Uranus was brought into the limelight  after re-examining old data collected by NASA’s space probe Voyager 2. As the mission originally found 10 Uranus unidentified moons

During a 1986 flyby, the space probe took a closer look at the planet and its satellites increasing the then-known number of moons around Uranus threefold. Since then, scientists believed there were 27 moons in orbit around the ice giant.

However, two planetary scientists from the University of Idaho’s Moscow campus, Rob Chancia and Matthew Hedman, have re-examined Voyager 2’s old data have found out the facts that are  relatively unknown .

Reportedly the planet Uranus is surrounded by 13 dark and narrow rings . while Chancia , Matthew have stated the presence of wavy patterns between the rings having the gravitational pull towards the moon .

Two new moons

These moons are examined to be pretty tiny o tiny, in fact, that they would only measure between 4 to 14 kilometers in diameter, If they are indeed there, hiding out near Uranus’ rings, the potential moons are thought to be between only two and nine miles across.

Their small size may be one of the reasons that they have remained undetected up to this point. However, although very small when compared to other moons, Croswell explains why  Voyager 2 may not have picked up on them more clearly – even though “at least four of Saturn’s moons are even smaller”.

Although yet to be confirmed, some appear to be excited and enthusiastic about the odds of them being real. The two moons’ existence is “certainly a very plausible possibility,” Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute says to the article

Two New moons

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