Top 10 engineering colleges to study in Hyderabad

Top 10 engineering colleges: After not succeeding in getting admission into IIT/NIT most students do not want to drop another year after 12th just to prepare for engineering entrances. They seek other colleges apart from the prestigious IITs and NITs.It is a very long and difficult information to find the right information which can help you decide. You can also start talking to engineers around you to know about the real lives of engineers and how their college helped them in getting ahead.

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Parameters used to choose best engineering college:

  1. Diverse faculty in most of their engineering departments.
  2. Geographic location: Proximity to relevant industries
  3. Background Research: Know about the faculty members, brand positioning, the status of particular engineering stream in that college and placement offers etc.
  4. Infrastructure: This is the prime factor while choosing a college. Infrastructure does not only mean a good looking building. There are basic pieces of infrastructure that the college has to provide.
  5. Another parameter in determining a good college is to look at what happens to their students after they graduate. After all, you want to study there because you feel that the education will result in a good career for you.

Top 10 engineering colleges:

  1. JNTU Hyderabad
  2. Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology
  3. University College of Engineering, Osmania University
  4. CVR College of Engineering
  5. VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology
  6. Goka Raju Ranga Raju Institute of Engineering & Technology
  7. Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women
  8. MLR Institute of Technology
  9. Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology
  10. Vasavi College of Engineering

These ranks are published by The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) which was approved by the MHRD and launched by Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development on 29th September 2015.

This framework outlines a methodology to rank institutions across the country. The methodology draws from the overall recommendations broad understanding arrived at by a Core Committee set up by MHRD, to identify the broad parameters for ranking various universities and institutions. The parameters broadly cover “Teaching, Learning and Resources,” “Research and Professional Practices,” “Graduation Outcomes,” “Outreach and Inclusivity,” and “Perception”. Follow us on facebook for more updates

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