Tips and tricks for students who are Travelling alone

Travelling plays an important role in our education. The terms ‘travelling’ and ‘education‘ cannot be alienated from each other. Our education remains incomplete without traveling.“Travelling” means going from one place to other places. In ancient times traveling was very difficult and risky because there were no proper roads and transports. A traveler had to pass hills and forests. He had to face the fury of nature, wild beasts, robbers and many other obstacles.With the triumph of science, traveling has now become easy, cheap, quick and pleasant. Due to an invention of steamships railways, electricity, motor cars and airplanes, our journey from one place to and another place even in abroad has become very easy and comfortable.

Traveling alone is no big deal, most of you have done it a million times, but it’s wise of you to find out about the tricks beforehand – not through bad experience!!


Some of the Tips and Tricks to follow while traveling alone in flights : 

Love window seats ? Then do this .

Do not do a web check-in, rather come early (1.5 – 2 hrs early) to the airport and check-in (requesting a window seat), 90%+ times you’ll get it, that too, without having to shell the extra bucks.


Never wait in line to get rebooked

If your flight gets canceled or there’s a really long delay, you’ll find yourself in a stampede heading towards the help desk. Instead of following the herd, get on the phone with your airline ASAP. Get even more of an edge by pre-programming their numbers into your phone, because when a flight with hundreds of people gets canceled, every second count. The person on the phone can do everything the gate agent can, and may even have more options for rebooking. Plus, you get to skip the line. That said, the line is often worth it for food and hotel vouchers, should they be giving those out.

Tweet airlines

Arguing with some poor, stressed out gate agent will never do you any good, but we’ve found that airlines are super responsive to social media, especially tweets. As long as you’re polite, tweeting at airlines might get you some extra perks.

Paying at Duty-free in Indian Rupees

The DFS duty-free at Hyderabad  accepts Indian rupees at a very competitive rate, in fact, its much cheaper than buying USD from the bank or currency exchange.So if you are going to shop at duty carry some Indian currency with you.


Be the last person to check-in your baggage

The system follows LIFO (Last In First Out ) mechanism. The one whose baggage enters last comes out first. The above trick fails if it is a connecting flight as the luggage is moved in the reverse order in the other flight. So the order now is FIFO (First In First Out)

Also , we Often  waste a lot of time while waiting for our  checked-in luggage after arriving at the destination airport, one easy and very helpful hack is just ticked ‘Fragile’ while filling the slip that will be stuck to your luggage and Voila!! The first bag will be yours.The reason is all the items that are ticked as ‘Fragile’ get loaded into the plane in the end and as a consequence, they are deloaded first.

Travelling tips : Missed medicines

The RGI has a well stocked Apollo pharmacy near the airline ticket counters. The pharmacy can help get last minute medicines before flying out.

Travelling tips : Saving on the Airport Taxi Fee

If you take a radio cab from RGI |Hyderabad  you have to pay 100- 120 Rs as airport fee, while there are also prepaid taxis they are more expensive than ac cabs due to the airport fee.Instead you could call an Uber/Ola when clearing customs and ask them to come either at Departure next to the elevator, simply walk out of arrivals and take the elevator up to the departure and take the Uber/Ola from there. You could also call Uber/Ola at the city bus stand which is a 2 min walk from the exit.

Travelling tips : Carry empty water bottles when you enter into Airport

The CISF/Security guys will just dump any bottle of water or soft drink that you are carrying.Although there are drinking water outlets throughout the airport, but going, again and again, to get a glass of water can be tiresome especially and the bottled water offered at post-security outlets is priced exorbitantly.

An easy solution to this fix is to carry an empty bottle with you. The security will not object to your carrying an empty container. Now you could refill the bottle from the water dispensers installed in the post-security area and save yourself from the exploitative pricing strategies of the eateries and at the same time, have the luxury of carrying water wherever you wish to go to.

Travelling tips : If a plug point is vacant, someone else also plugs in!

Always carry a four plug spike buster/power strip, weighing about 200 grams, in your laptop bag. Even if all charging points are occupied, You can request the current user of the charging point to allow  to connect your power strip multi-plug panel, and then connect his and your device to the multi plug.  If a plug point is vacant, someone else also plugs in!

Travelling tips : Dont pay for extra luggage

If u have more than 15 kg (max allowed free check-in luggage in most airlines), look for other single guys  who travel with no/ little baggage and ask them (YES, JUST ASK) to share the luggage load. The better if they have no check-in luggage as some may not like it if your name appears on the tag on their baggage.You have to convey at the counter that you both are traveling together but booked separately. Whenever you are trying this, try to book at a counter with a lady attendant. They hesitate/ are mostly too shy to ask questions.


Worried about Last minute bookings ?

Always (if an option is available) go for an international flight connecting domestic destinations. Example to travel from Mumbai to Hyderabad opts to Air India flight which is traveling to Singapore via Hyderabad. You can find the tickets of these flights cheap (relatively very cheap for last minute booking).

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