The Real Superhero DC or Marvel never told you about . Meet the “Tree Man” Daripalli Ramaiah

This 68 year old frail looking man may seem to be a character from R.K.Narayan’s “Malgudi Days’ , but he is real ; Ramaiah is a man on a mission , he has planted nearly a million trees tongue, Chettu means tree. His fond hopes of turning the entire area green, makes him pedal for miles with plants on his cycle and seeds in his pocket. Strewing see, A million in itself seems to be a gigantic number to be carried out by a single person, but Ramaiah has planted more than 10 million trees!! “Of all the species that consider the earth as their home, the most exalted is the human being. He supposedly has intellect, can think, can do and can get things done.


Nature has bestowed her choicest blessings on this form of life. Therefore, we have a duty towards nature. Protect the nature; protect everything created by God, for the posterity,” says Ramaiah.

Daripalli Ramaiah Native of Khammam district, Telangana, Ramaiah is better known as ‘Chetla Ramaiah’ there. In Khammam’s native ds is just a wee bit; Ramaiah is actually stretching out his arms to ensure a finer and a greener future. “I do not believe in people who cut trees but prostrate before a stone. For me, Nature is God and God is Nature”, Ramaiah say; his line of thought is clear-cut. With his righteous feats, he has proved that carrying out a benevolent affair is way better than kneeling before a stone.

He has been collecting seeds of several native trees such as Bael, Peepal, Kadamba, Nidra Ganneru, Kanuga, Neem, Erra Chandanam and many more to cover every barren land with green patches. He started by greening a four kilometer stretch on both the sides of a path in Khammam, and it took him more than a decade to reach the estimated number of ten million. He has successfully planted more than 10 million trees all alone without bothering about anyone else.

His work is not done after planting a seed, it actually begins then. “Every sapling that I plant should survive,come what may. That is my motto”, he adds. Ramaiah nourishment is essential to grow stronger and take care of himself.

Don’t even dare to take him as a random man with a passion of planting trees. Rather, he is a walking encyclopedia for plants! He holds profound knowledge of all the plants with their respective uses and benefits. Being passionate about plantation, he is very fond of reading books on them. He acquires these books from the second hand books shops to save a few pennies in his pocket.

Besides being an environmentalist, Ramaiah also inspires others by way of his slogans. His main slogan is “Vrikshio Rakshati Rakshitah”, which means if you save the trees, they will save you. He collects waste material such as used clutch plates, tin pieces and paints slogans on them that depict the importance of trees. He proudly wears them as his crown, and remarks jestingly, “Am I not as beautiful as ‘Miss World’? This is my identity”. No sir, you aren’t as beautiful as them, you are even better! After doing so much, he is served with some absurd questions. What do you get in return, is the question that Ramaiah’s ears are habitual of hearing. The sheer peace and satisfaction is what he gets in return that no other ‘thing’ in this world can give, not even money. At an age of 68, when most of the people have a leisure time after their retirement, this man dedicated his whole life to give a better life to the coming generations. We all find passion in the jobs that pay well but this man is passionate about an unpaid job. The job that doesn’t pay in money but pays a better life for others. If anyone has to learn about dedication and devotion towards work, this man is the best to inspire all. The man who planted trees is an unsung hero who needs to be recognized by the world, and he surely deserves it.

It’s Uber-cool to share a post on social media where a Hollywood Star’s acceptance speech has a message to save the planet Earth ,but we have heroes everywhere persevering through odds and rough tides and still fighting to make this a better place like Ramaiah.

Author: Elyuxen

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