Telangana Government bans homework for school students

The Government of Telangana, on Tuesday the 18th July 2017, has put a cap on the weight of bags carried by school children. Now children in Telangana state will no longer have to carry loads of textbooks and notebooks.

The government issued a bid prescribing the weight limit of school bags for students from primary to Class-X. The 1,307-word guidelines in the GO emphasized on reducing the weight of the school bags and also including the supply of pure drinking water in schools to prevent children from lugging heavy water bottles.In addition to this, the order also bans homework for children in primary classes.

According to the GO, the school managements have been directed that the maximum weight of a school bags should not exceed 1.5 kg for students from 1st and 2nd Classes and 2-3 kg for 3rd to 5th class students.The weight limit for 6th and 7th classes stands at 4 kg whereas 8th & 9th classes are limited 4.50 kg.A 10th standard student cannot carry more than 5 kg.

So far, the children have been carrying bags weighing from 6 kg to 12 kg at primary level and up to 17 kg at high schools level this move is proposed in order to prevent adverse physical effect such as damage to the vertebral column, knees and also avoid anxiety disorders in students, the government noted. Facebook

The GO also stated that the school managements should inform students well in advance about the textbooks and notebooks to be brought to the schools on certain days and asked the schools to sensitize parents and students about appropriate kind of school bags to be used.

“There should be no homework for primary schools students and all work pertaining to exercises given at the end of each unit or lesson in textbooks should be done during school hours under the supervision of teachers. The schools should plan for homework to classes VI to X by allocating particular days for homework for specific subjects,” the order insists. Readmore

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