Tech giant Google to add new feature soon,You can text through web.

Tech giant Google will soon allow you to connect your number on web page and you can text any of your known people through it,Its basically a messaging feature on its web page.It is planning to introduce a web interface for its SMS application ‘Android Messages’ that would let users pair their smartphones with a computer for all of their texting needs. Padman movie review, Padman is an inspiring film to watch

Tech giant Google

Tech giant Google

The name sorted out for this messaging feature is ‘Ditto’ but it looks like it will be labelled ‘Messages for web’ when it is officially announced. The tech giant is also reportedly trying to offer its own enhanced chat features to work with RCS messaging. Follow us on Facebook.

Aims of Tech giant Google:

Rich Communication Services or RCS is a communication protocol between mobile-telephone carriers and between phone and carrier, aiming at replacing SMS messages with a text-message system that is richer, providing phonebook polling and transmit in-call multimedia is the main motto of Tech giant Google.The replacement to outdated technology is an asset to its users.

  Google  allo concept:

Android Messages will share the same basic setup procedure with Google Allo.Which was launched in September 2016, Allo is an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google for the Android and iOS mobile Operating Systems (OS), with a web client available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

Now we are in a world where anyone in the world is just a phone away and we can reach them through light and frequency. Now since the entire communication system is slowly being replaced its a welcome step that we the end users are benefitted to latest technologies which are making our lives easier and easier, Smarter and Smarter.we the Billions of humans should be really thankful to Tech giant Google and yes we are thanking it by using it every day.

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