Tamilnadu Government Extends Its Eyes to Air.

Tamilnadu government as a part of its regular developmental activities taken an initiative of drone project where the drones help Greater Chennai Municipal corporation(GCMC) to prevent land encroachment and property tax evasion.

The experimental move of Tamilnadu government:

As an experimental move the government of Tamil Nadu Initiated 6 drones which were capable of collecting photos from 79 wards of Chennai, The drones are capable of covering  7 Square kilometers a day with an accuracy of 5 cm resolution.The drones in the air can clearly see the potholes signboards and small encroachments of footpaths and also the officials could count the number of trees without reaching the actual place. All about Hyperloop in INDIA.

Control of Illegal constructions:

The drones will help the government officials to identify the illegal constructions of buildings and illegal extensions of built area.The total area of the greater Chennai region accounts 426 square kilometers and the experimental drones have almost covered 309 square kilometers.The powerful drones are capable of capturing 36,000 digital images per day.Follow us on Facebook.

Officials Note:

“The eyes in the air have their own challenges like safety Issue of the state and the country, key areas like the defense, military, airports and research centers are not covered by the drones for the security reasons.The drone operations are not always at the moment but we have a systematic approach on how to make maximum use of the technology keeping the security factors in mind” said a government official.

“The Tamilnadu Government is making its best efforts in sorting out the issues faced by the state and also it’s making sure to expand its drone technology throughout the state to solve any kind of issue. Chennai becomes the first state in the country to bring into light such a technology and we hope the entire country also adopts our flexible system” said another official.


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