T-Shirt Baba is the new age digital printing startup from Hyderabad

T-Shirt BabaThe story of T-SHIRT BABA: Most of the times people are passionate about many things but cannot be able to pursue them due to several factors present around them. One among those will be their fear of thinking that pull the things off and set it as my career. But do remember one thing Success can be achieved only when you see yourself beyond something and only when you can have some edge over others.Working over the same lines, three friends came up with an idea called T-SHIRT BABA-Your thoughts our designs.

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A budding start-up initiated by young juveniles with a vision to provide the iconic lifestyle to individuals. Ignited by the urge to accomplish something on our own, they started analyzing the pros and cons of various fields and finally, their thoughts settled on t-shirt merchandise. Recognizing the importance and need of t-shirts in various technical and cultural events organized in various engineering colleges they choose to lessen the work pressure one takes while deciding the design of the t-shirt.

Special Add on’s of T-SHIRT BABA: 

T-SHIRT BABA innate ability in being able to create creative designs had been an additional bonus! This urged them to research on a plethora of aspects which includes t-shirt manufacturing, printing technology, logistic partners etc. Finally, their vision kickstarted on 18-01-2017. From the day one, T-Shirt BABA received good reviews from the clients and have good customer satisfaction. Their traditional business prototype is based on fashioning a new horizon wherein T-SHIRT BABA services could match individual’s interests and comforts. Currently, T-SHIRT BABA added two more products which are customized phone cases and customized books. They are also planning to expand their business by adding a couple of products in the future. “We accomplish tasks in a systematized fashion and we choose to embrace prospects and opportunities. Our organization is dedicated to fetching all the amenities which are chosen by the individuals at their entrance with outstanding services without negotiating on quality factor” said one of the founder.

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