T-Hub Reactor will be four times bigger than present T-Hub catalyst

T-Hub Reactor building which is updated version of T-hub is four times bigger than the current Catalyst building. T-Hub Reactor is spread over 3.5 lakh sq ft in the city center. T-Hub is known to be India’s largest startup incubator which is spread over 70,000 square feet, with over 200 startups. It is a technology hub and incubation center for startups which provides mentoring, incubation and investment to startups especially in Hyderabad. It also helps startups by providing co-working space along with mentoring sessions from experts in the industry as well as investor meets.

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The second phase of T-Hub which is named to be T-Hub Reactor

And now, The second phase of T-Hub which is named to be T-Hub Reactor will be four times bigger than present T-Hub catalyst i.e 3.5 lakh square feet. The  Telangana government under the supervision of IT minister K.T.R has sanctioned Rs 180 crore (about $30 million) for the project.


“We’ll have incubators, accelerators, service providers, corporate innovation divisions and everything that takes to build a startup ecosystem.We want to encourage corporate companies to set up their innovation labs with us.” — Srinivas Kollipara, COO, and founder, T-Hub

Srinivas Kollipara COO

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This building is in Raidurgam, which will be the second largest incubator in the world. It will be able to provide a seating for 4,000 people while the Catalyst accommodates over 900 persons. The Reactor building will have laboratories, experience centers, auditoriums etc. About 3,000 start-ups have already applied to work out of T-Hub, Mr. Krishnan said.

How T-Hub formed in Hyderabad?

Srinivas Kollipara, who was running the IIIT-H incubator in Hyderabad, had been contemplating his next move. He met KT Rama Rao (KTR).But a week after meeting the minister, Kollipara was in KTR’s office with a plan. The idea was to take the government’s support to begin operations and create an incubator which could sustain itself without being a drain on state finances year after year. Soon after, T-Hub was born reported Factor Daily.

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