TSCHE Chairman T. Papi Reddy said Students should not concentrate more on Political issues

TSCHE Chairman T. Papi Reddy on Youth Political Issues: Telangana State Council of Higher Education Chairman T. Papi Reddy in association with the Centre for Economic and Social Studies plans to ensure that university students concentrate on academics and do not get diverted to political agitations beyond a limit. Hello movie review

Telangana State Council of Higher Education Chairman T. Papi Reddy said while university students should engage in social and political issues, it should be within certain limits. “At present, they are crossing their limits and it is impacting their education,” he observed. Hyderabad Newspaper

For a country like India, about half of the population is under 25 years of age. This power of youth is a mighty river that is needed to be channelized. Students are the rising generation on whom the country pins her confidence. Thus they must be inspired by ever burning zeal of patriotism and should be prepared to dedicate their lives to the country.

Student role in Political Issues

This requires proper interaction with the elements of politics. Because for a better understanding of politics one should aĺl about the country’s history, geography and internal and external affairs. The participation can be active or passive. It all depends on how much time we want to put forward for all this.

Mr. Reddy said the focus of the vision document would be on accessibility, quality, equity, and employability. In addition, short-term and long-term goals would be laid out to make higher education more purposeful for students and the society. As a short-term goal, the TSCHE wants universities to ensure that both teachers and students attend classes regularly. Student groups, instead of being restricted only to political engagements, would be involved in open discussions on academic aspects too, he said.

The Chairman said campus infrastructure would also be improved. “This year, the government had sanctioned ₹420 crore and next year, another ₹600 crore is expected to be sanctioned. Moreover, the government has given permission to fill up 1,061 posts, the notification for which is likely to come out once the Executive Councils are constituted,” said Mr. Reddy.He concluded by adding that the dates of common entrance tests and their conveners for the next year would soon be announced.

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