Student take on Youth Politics

 Every person aspires to be a politician at least in fits of emotion.Whether it’s true or not there is always a hidden
 desire to enjoy the worldly pleasures as most of the politicians do.
                                                  Youth of our country (most of them) does not like to talk about the politics because it
finds it waste of time.I personally find it very interesting because I follow the ongoing political issues with acute interest.I bet that the youth would also prefer to get into political affairs if they dig deep inside the roots of democracy.It is seriously a major matter of concern because above 65% of India’s population is under the age group of 25.People hate to talk about the political matters due to the  CORRUPTED politicians. Youth of our country is least bothered about the student union or the student governing bodies because they find it very obnoxious and consider them as time consuming organisations
                                 Bringing my assumptions to an abrupt end…..Beep..**..(All of a sudden);
You guys might have been wondering, why such simple vocabulary is being used unlike the other elite newspapers? Given the fact that this is a student newspaper,the main motto here is to deliver the major content to the readers.I assure you not to sound preachy or pedantic  in my articles. Dammm what have we got here? Again these shi**y words PEDANTIC…PREACHY. This would be the genuine feeling of the youth when they go across such complex words.I myself hate to go the dictionary and find out the meaning  and again get through the actual sentence. Isn’t it true.? Yes indeed.No worries,because I will be taking you through the latest ongoing political affairs so that you hold a good grip on this subject with vocabulary which is student friendly.
                                 I assure not  to get you bored while going through my article.If u could spare a couple of minutes reading my section in the newspaper it would be a great boast for yourself because I”ll be referring to the latest updates and you  could latch onto the things happening around.I will try my utmost to  constraint my opinion and thoughts so that it will not affect the Integrity of the country.I beg a pardon to the subscribers  who read my article to do the same.Thus I rest my case by appealing to  all the students out there to live up to the happenings of the world on  a higher note to build a better nation.

Author: Anirudh Vempaty

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