Sri Valli movie review, Sri Valli movie is the synonym for Bad in every department

Sri Valli movie review. Sri Valli movie is Bahubali movie writer Vijayendra prasad first directional movie.SSR movies.SS Rajamouli Vijayendra prasad movies. Read more Follow us on facebook  Meda Meeda Abbayi review, Meda Meeda Abbayi would not be a good buy at the ticket window
  • Film: Sri Valli
  • Banner: Reshma arts
  • Cast: Rajath Krishna, Neha Hinge, and others
  • Producers: Sunitha, Rajkumar Brindavan
  • Director: Vijayendra Prasad
  • Music Director: MM.Srilekha
  • Release date: September 15, 2017
The Baahubali brand helped one and everyone. Rajamouli has emerged as the biggest brand in Indian Cinema. Prabhas is new pan India actor. Rana Daggubati improved his market. But the same Baahubali brand didn’t help the writer himself. Sri Valli, the directional write-up of Vijayendra Prasad has been released today without much hype.
What is it about?
Valli (Neha) is the daughter of renowned scientific researcher Ramachandra (Rajiv Kanakala) and happens to be a close friend of Gowtham (Rajath Krishna). Valli leaves to the USA for some years and on her return, along with her father sets up a 6000cr fund for scientific research. But things take an unfortunate turn when an accident takes away the life of Ramachandra and puts Valli’s brother in a coma. Valli had to risk her life in brain mapping experiment to control her brother’s brain and bring back him to normal life. This experiment leads to severe and several unexpected twists in the story.
Sri Valli movie review – Artists and Performances 
Neha did a decent job. She even went bold and raw for a couple of scenes. Although her dedication levels are unquestionable, her role required a much experienced and matured actress. Rajath is okay. He didn’t get a much meaty role in the film. Rajeev Kanakala stands at his usual best. Other actors are unimpressive.
Sri Valli movie review – Technical Talk 
Nothing worked in the technical department. Literally, nothing. Songs are not pleasant for your ears. So does, the background score. Srilekha delivered outdated output. Graphics work is the same. You can’t expect a Baahubali VFX work in this size of film, but you can’t even digest such terrible work. Editing is poor. Cinematography lacks novelty and also quality. Production values are dead poor.
Sri Valli movie review – Analysis 
When you carry the tag of “Baahubali” writer, you can’t escape from anything that is mediocre in front of your reputation. Bad screenplay, bad taking, bad editing, bad graphics and even bad music, all together make Srivalli easily one of the weakest films made this year. Nothing against the writing capabilities of the mastermind behind the biggest motion picture of India, the film has got a unique idea and exciting start. A director who can direct could have made a watchable film with this content. It’s just the over-ambitious Vijayendra Prasad who risked his reputation by yet another failed attempt to direct a movie on his own.
Sri Valli movie review – Plus Points 
* Story idea
Sri Valli movie review – Minus Points
* Direction
* Music
* Graphics
* Editing
Brief Note
Writer fails as a director

Sri Valli movie review. Sri Valli movie is Bahubali movie writer vijayendra prasad first directional movie.SSR movies.SS Rajamouli Vijayendra prasad movies.

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