Sraddha, A Three Day National youth Festival at Ramakrishna Math

Sraddha National Youth Festival at Ramakrishna Math: The National Youth Festival in Hyderabad is an annual gathering of youth with various activities including competitive ones. Celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of youth icon Swami Vivekananda.Tea seller boy was joined in school by IT Minister K.T.R

Vivekananda Institute for Human excellence invites the youth of the twin cities and cyberabad for National Youth Day celebrations on the eve  156th Birthday of Swami Vivekananda. Sraddha is a three-day national youth festival which includes Dentists/Medicos convention on Wednesday, Youth convention from Thursday and National youth day celebrations on Friday. Telangana Hon’ble Minister of Finance and civil supplies of Government of Telangana Etela Rajender is the Chief Guest for this Sraddha youth festival followed by Guest speakers: Akun Sabharwal IPS, Ratnakar from Hyderabad, Vijay Menon from Kochi, Sharad Vivek Sagar from Patna and SGK Kishore frHyderabadbad. Follow us on facebook

Sraddha youth festival is organized by Ramakrishna math with tagline Message of Strength, Fearlessness, Sacrifice, Character, and excellence.

Ramakrishna Math is a disciplined life dedicated to the work of the organization, and a life of contemplation. Ramakrishna Math works for the public in the form of serving the needy at the physical, intellectual, and spiritual levels. Life for the monks is simple, and brotherhood is strong. Elyuxen

Ramakrishna Mission now stands as a symbol of a balanced and cogent approach to spiritual life. It encourages individuals to lead pure and unselfish lives. Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda are the beacon lights of this movement based on Vedanta. The idea is to do unselfish service to the needy as a spiritual practice. The monks of the Ramakrishna Mission, educated and idealistic men from all parts of India and even abroad, take up the idea of walking ‘razor’s edge,’—the path of Sacrifice, ‘for the welfare of the many, for the happiness of the many’.

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