Short Story : Blank Letter

After a budget free shopping,my sister Reena and I, left the place with full satisfaction. Reena turned the key in the front door and then walked into the hallway. I parked our vehicle and came in. She kept the keys on the table and I went into the kitchen to have some water. Since we were hungry, and it was a self-holiday for our maid, we had to go get something to eat which we actually wanted to do on our way back home but forgot everything due to excitement of trying out our new clothes and makeup. So, Reena left to get something to eat. I kept the car keys on the table and there was this letter,which went unnoticed earlier. I opened it, blank, That’s what I found.
                                                                  I spent the next half an hour wondering about who did this! There was no address,name or anything with which I could figure out something. Reena came back with my favorite noodles. I told her about the blank letter while she was struggling with her new top. She didn’t pay much attention and even I didn’t bother and was busy preparing my assignment for the next. Late in the evening,I went to my room to get some books where I again found a blank letter. It was the fifth day of this blank story. We didn’t know what to do,we just kept wondering about how did it come and the purpose behind it. It went on for another three days at different places in our house. We were awestruck and wondered about how come someone’s entering into the house, our kitchen, bedroom etc and leaving letters like this to be discovered by us. I got used to it and was waiting to know what was it all about.
                                                                   I was busy writing my record one afternoon when I heard a loud noise and went downstairs to see what’s wrong. I was blown away when my sister reena described about what the watchman told her when she asked him about the blank letters. It goes like this,’there was this old lady who lived here earlier and was a writer, she died of depression waiting for a reply from his son to her letters and she used to leave many blank papers daily everywhere in the house.’
We had no idea whether to believe it or not and who left those letters everywhere in our home. We kept finding letters like that for an year. After that we shifted home nearer to Reena’s work place. We used come home together daily. One such day, Reena turned the key in the front door then walked into hall way. She put her keys on the table and there was this letter,blank…that’s what I found…again!!

Author: vishnu priya j

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