Shamantakamani is trend setter of multistarrer movies in tollywood || Shamantakamani review

Banner : Bhavya Creations
Cast : Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan, Nara Rohit, Aadi, Rajendra Prasad and others
Producer : V. Anand Prasad
Director : Sriram Adithya
Music Director :Manisharma
Release date : July 14, 2017
Crime Comedies are not new in Telugu Cinema. Right from Swami Rara, we have witnessed a flow of medium budgeted crime comedies. But why Shamantakamani managed to grab attention even in this heavy dosage of the genre ? It is because, it is a multistarrer with four promising actors. Let’s check how this Sriram Aditya directorial has been made.
What it is about ?
There happens a very big party in a very big hotel of Hyderabad. All the five characters in the story Krishna (Sudheer Babu), Siva (Sundeep), Karthik (Aadi), so called Mahesh Babu (Rajendra Prasad) and Inspector Ranjith Kumar (Nara Rohit ) lands into/near the hotel. The story takes a big turn after Krishna finds his 5cr worth Rolls Royce vintage car named Shamantakamani missing. He registers a complaint.
With the help of camera footage, Ranjit spots out the suspects Siva, Karthik and Mahesh Babu. As the investigation gets progressed, we hear a new side of the story from every suspect. Who is the real thief of Shamantakamani ? What was the reason behind this drama ? The answers are very interesting.
Artists & Performances :
Every other main character is a fun going and fun offering thing, except Krishna played by Sudheer. He has an emotional backstory connected to the car which is much more valuable than 5cr. Honestly, he delivered a honest performance. The emotional episode in the pre climax is worth mentioning. Nara Rohit was at his typical best. The voice modulation comes into play again. Sundeep Kishan is hilarious and had quite a massy touch to his character. He will make you laugh. Aadi played a very different role and it’s good to see him breaking the mediocrity. Rajendra Prasad is hilarious yet again. At times, he reminds the vintage days. There is no complaint on the actors. Everyone delivered good performance.
Technical Talk : 
Manisharma injected sounding background work into the film. He created the thriller friendly environment. There is only one full song in the film which is composed well. Camera work is brilliant. The cinematography department used natural grading and lighting instead heavy DI. Editing could have been better in the first but there are no complaints on the very same department in the second half. It was sharp. Production values are rich which is no surprise.
Analysis : 
The film begins on a very interesting note opening with Krishna losing his car. But the pace slows down as the director starts introducing his characters with their problems. At times, people may wonder if or not they are watching the same movie related to the trailer. However, better late than never, the real fun begins with the beginning of investigation on Shamantakamani case. Starting from there, the film is very gripping, funny and even emotional at times. Sriram Adithya has tied many threads in the story and opened up every thread in the climax, which is arresting. The entire second half offered honest humor and also thrilling elements. Shamantakamani makes your weekend if you are a bee of this crime comedy genre.
Shamantakamani review  Plus Points :
* All 5 main characters 
* Screenplay and taking
* Cinematography & Music
* No forced humor
 Shamantakamani review – Minus Points : 
* First half 
Brief Note :
Engaging enough and entertaining enough 


 Shamantakamani review and Rating : 

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