Selected players list for Hyderabad premier league 2018

Selected players list for Hyderabad premier league: The Hyderabad premier league is an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament held in Hyderabad which culminates in a fun fair. This event is powered by ‘Elyuxen Student Newspaper’ that has established itself as the best place for the student community.

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Hyderabad premier league is considered to be the most happening sports event in Hyderabad with support from Colleges, Schools, Startup ’s, Private organizations and student communities. The Organizing team of HPL includes students below 23 years of age which gave easily helped HPL to create BUZZ.

Team Elyuxen received huge number of player registrations for first editions. Although selection have completed 8 months back, due to multiple reasons the first edition of HPL is not yet completed.

Here is selected players list who play for different franchises for First Edition. This is phase 1 list and second phase list will be announced after one week.  To get the latest updates directly to your phone whatsapp, save the contact and whatsapp us on 6281285129. Selected players can message about more details on given official number only.

Selected players list for Hyderabad premier league

  1. Chinmey
  2. Raghav Reddy
  3. Srikal
  4. Dhanraj
  5. Teja.R
  6. Sanjay
  7. John
  8. Ranganath
  9. Charles Bello
  10. Sunil Kumar
  11. Ram chandra
  12. Shiva
  13. Ruthwan reddy
  14. Kalyan
  15. Rohan
  16. Shabaz
  17. Shushanth
  18. Ravi
  19. Srikanth
  20. Satish

However players will be informed through Phone/Mail. Also one open selections will be conducted next week. Players who are interested to Play, can attend this selections. Registration is free of cost.

To register click here

1.Building a diversified community, promoting, encouraging, foster and cultivating the sport at all levels

2.Reflecting our spirit, energy, richness, and passion in every area of activity, from organizing, teams to the stadium in which to compete and be entertained

HPL Vision


To be recognized as an ideal/ supreme platform for the youth to exhibit their brilliance in the field of cricket regardless of age, race, religion, culture thereby reaching our transformation goal of promoting talented budding cricketers through quality cricket played in the true spirit of the game.

HPL Aims and Objectives


1.HPL aims to develop junior and young player’s confidence and skills.

2.HPL aims to contribute to the development of sports and games.

3.HPL aims to promote  leadership  qualities and social engagement  through cricket

HPL Aims and Objectives


1.To help in one’s physical growth and development.

2.To provide advanced coaching to talented  regional cricketers

3.To develop an interest in, and a desire to continue, sports activities in later years

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