The E-SUMMIT 2016 organized by GNI,was held on 24th& 25th of august in Gurunanak college of engineering.SASYA stood as a runner-up in this E-SUMMIT and marked as the good startup which is more beneficial for farmers. While, the person behind SASYA is Aravind Voruganti, an alumnus from Sri Indu College Of Engineering &Technology. His vision and ideology are very impressive.


SASYA STARTUP : INDIA is geographically well-positioned ecosystem for Agriculture, which is a Primary sector of economic activity. Indians focussed more on Secondary & Tertiary sector with the emergence of IT & Technology which is inorganically scalable and sustainable without dependency on climatic changes, neglecting the strength of INDIA, i.e., Agriculture.Technology with advancement becomes cost effective & efficient and its time for us to put the power of Technology Especially Information technology, Sensor networks, Clustered E-Commerce & Data Mining & Data Analysis into Agriculture. SASYA–UBERX for Farmers, is a Start-up which in its prototyping & testing stage converges multiple technology paradigms to bring Indian Farmers & Agriculture more efficient to deal with multifaceted problems from grass roots. img-20160903-wa001

WORKING : Through a sensor network, a household can get data insights about Humidity, Temperature, Soil Moisture& PH value for immediate action through App.Once the outcome is available with the support of farmer, its harvested and excess product details are uploaded to E-Commerce site and based on Location & demand it is procured and shipped to customers and profits are shared between Farmer, Householder &SASYA based on predefined percentage. MICRO AGRICULTURE : Micro Agriculture like Urban rooftop organic farming & alternative niche food farming are emerging in cities by inexperienced household women and lot of immigrant farmers who have experience in agriculture are doing rote construction job. SASYA aims to link them for effective establishment of Rooftop, which will inspire many more inexperienced to establish rooftop which brings experienced farmers to agriculture again.

Sasya aims to disrupt the field of agriculture more seamless & profitable to multiple stakeholders of Agriculture Ecosystem.It brings farmers a good life and in addition, it teaches about new ways to grow their agriculture with technology.


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