IIIT Nuzvid university suspended 19 students on ragging case

IIIT Nuzvid university suspended 19 students from college and 54 students were detained in RGUKT IIIT Nuzvid ragging case.RGUKT IIIT Nuzvid ragging.RGUKT Apply as student News reporter from your college Follow us on facebook

RGUKT IIIT Nuzvid: In RGUKT IIIT Nuzvid ragging case, University management suspended 15 students for one year who allegedly roughed up their juniors a couple of days ago. It was reported that final year students of RGUKT IIIT Nuzvid entered into the junior hostel to beat them up for objecting to trumpets and music for Vinayaka Chavithi arranged by seniors in the month of  August. This incident shocked management and appointed a committee.

According to the News reports, Final year students reportedly entered the dormitories of their juniors on the campus and beat them up for objecting to trumpets and music, arranged by the seniors, for Vinayaka Immersion. About 11 students suffered injuries in the attack. The one-year suspension of 6 students (Not allowed to write university exams), the One-year suspension on 9 students (Allowed to write end semester exams), 13 students were suspended until November, 24 students were expelled from the campus. A total of 54 students suspended from campus.The students involved in the incident are from Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering (ECE) and Computer Science Engineering (CSE) streams.Alleging that some senior students teased and misbehaved with some girl students at the Vinayaka pandal, the juniors complained that the seniors had attacked them when they objected to it. In an Interview to news correspondent, IIIT Director Veeranki Venkata Dasu said a Special Committee had been constituted to inquire into the incident and the 15-member committee had so far identified 22 students involved in the attack. “The Committee has conducted an inquiry through video recording. RGUKT IIIT Nuzvid expelled three students for one semester on similar charges, last year.  This move by RGUKT IIIT Nuzvid on ragging has sent alarms to students. Different university boards have campaigning from last 2 years about ragging and imposing strict rules and regulations but different still cases on ragging were noticed every year.

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