Protest for the sanction of scholarship

Well, it is no new news for us that students belonging to BC (Backward Class) are offered a set of scholarships and fee reimbursement options if they are eligible for it on the basis of certain criteria. It happens under the guidelines drawn by a concerned authority. Various factors such as attendance, the annual income of the parents/guardian were added to the criteria to filter out the students who actually require and deserve a financial aid. But, were you aware of the fact that the government has yet to release a part of the funds for the last academic year?

If your answer was negative, yes it is true! According to the statistics only 44 crores was let out whilst the actual requirement amounted to 54 crores. On top of that, 4 crores out of the 44 are yet to be handed out. There are 15000 pairs of eyes looking out for this sanction for either their scholarships or fee reimbursements.


On account of this issue, Backward Classes Vidyarthi Sangam protested at Collector office complex in Nizamabad showing their admonishment. Srinivas Goud, the President of the Sangham State added that there wasn’t any positive response from the concerned officials despite the reality that it has already been four moths since the commencement of the current academic year. The students were disappointed especially because the government had taken too much time to set things straight. Upon the insistence of the police officials, the students backed off only after the assurance that their issue would be put in front of the people in charge. We are still eagerly waiting for the outcome.

They were also agitated as the BC residential schools did not come into the picture because of the ongoing issue of showing discrimination against a particular community. This only added fuel to the fire. We can neither blame the government nor the Sangham as far as this particular issue is concerned. Let’s be optimistic that the government will soon release its funds so that thousands can heave a sigh of relief. The students being in distress is quite understandable.

Today’s youth are the country’s future. Providing them with sufficient resources will prove to be in the favour of the government in the future, as they are the ones who are going to shape the country next. The youth needs the government and vice versa. At the end, we can say that it is a win-win situation for both the government and the students.

Author: Pallavi Immadi

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