What is more important in choosing engineering college || Poll of the week

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There are certain parameters through which you can have an idea about the college, its courses, faculty, extracurricular activities and college life. Choosing a college is different than choosing the school. Every student will do their own research about choosing engineering college.Some of the points we filtered while choosing engineering college during counseling.

  • Affiliation: First of all the college should be recognized or your degrees will be rendered useless.
  • Placement: The whole point of the college education is to become competent enough so that you can get a job and lead a good life. If placement opportunities aren’t good enough, then the college is useless.
  • Budget: See whether the college and travel (if college is in other city/state/country) is under your affordability. Obviously, you don’t wanna be bankrupt when you graduate.
  • Facilities: The last important thing that is important is facilities such as the library, hostel, playground etc.

Choosing an engineering college requires, even more, attention and effort. Perform research on the Colleges you’re interested in. Some questions you’d ask are –

  1. What type of reputation do they have? ( Many may contradict this, but it does matter.)
  2. Are there any famous faculty members?
  3. Do they have a track record of successful graduates?
  4. What are the career options available?
  5. What is the total cost? ( Includes fees and living costs).
  6. What are the funding options available? ( Loans, scholarships, etc).

Answer this simple poll and help students to get more knowledge.



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Choosing engineering college requires, even more, attention.Perform research on the Colleges.Choosing engineering college. The poll of the week.Survey

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