Patel Sir is patience tester and Predictable story || Patel Sir review

Patel Sir review

Banner : Vaarahi Chalanachitram
Cast : Jagapathi Babu, Padma Priya, Tanya Hope and others
Producer : Sai Korrapati
Director : Vasu Parimi
Music Director : DJ Vasant
Release date : July 14, 2017


All thanks to Boyapati Srinu, because of him we have been watching the salt and pepper Jagapathi Babu playing baddy and daddy in Telugu films. Well, Jagapathi Babu made an interesting choice by leading the story once again as a HERO in Patel Sir. What is so serious about this content which made JB chose a different path again ?
What is it about?
Subhash Patel (Jagapathi Babu) is a retired army man who wants even his son Vallabh (again JB) to follow his path but the junior becomes a doctor very much going against his father’s will. This tears the family apart and Vallabh moves away from the house. Amani, Vallabh’s mother falls ill. This incident brings Vallabh back along with his wife and children. When father and son bonding was supposed to take a new dimension a tragedy makes Patel a serial killer. What on this green Earth made Patel a blood drinker? Watch the movie.
Artists & Performances:
After a very long time, if we remembered it right, after a Homam or Siddham, we have witnessed Jagapathi Babu on screen with some bloody force. He is rugged, tough, hard to crack and fatal. Be it with the action episodes or be it with the hard hitting emotions, he delivered every possible thing. Unfortunately, there was no big help from the other end. JB is a lone warrior. Amani, Padmaya Priya, Kabir and every other actor, couldn’t help much.
Patel Sir review Technical Talk : 
Cinematography is great. The cinematographer captured JB in a very stylish and intense way and he was behind this extra ordinary screen presence. Unfortunately, this is the only technical aspect which adds some worth to the film. Editing is weak. Background score was good at times, okay at times and fell flat other times. So, there has been a serious fluctuation. The film is not greatly written. Director mostly concentrated on the taking but not on writing. Production values are good.
Patel Sir review Analysis : 
Some hundreds of revenge dramas greeted us on some hundreds of Friday’s. Patel Sir offers anything new when compared with those hundreds?  NO is the answer. It’s a beaten to death drama with predictable screenplay all the way. The emotions what Vasu wrote for second half didn’t work either after an unexciting first half. Putting together, Patel Sir is a boring revenge drama. Keep your expectations low. Don’t judge this film by JB’s looks.
Patel Sir review Plus Points: 
* Jagapathi Babu 
* Couple of action episodes
* Cinematography 
Patel Sir review Minus Points :
* Unexciting plot 
* Predictability 
* Failure of emotional scenes 
Brief Note :
Patel tests patience

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