Passing criteria rules changed for doctors.

HYDERABAD: The Medical Council of India (MCI) has made good for doctors and has put in all its efforts by conducting repeated meetings and a collective opinion on the present system of marks to be obtained in order to pass the exam and the actual potential and standards of the candidates appearing the exam.As per the old set of instructions, the candidates have to obtain a minimum of 50 percent marks in theory and practical separately for passing the exam as a whole. A new feature for Jobs in Google.

Minimum of 40 percent marks for doctors:

The revised criteria state that students have to obtain a minimum of 40 percent marks in each theory paper and not less than 50 percent cumulatively in all the four papers for degree exams and three papers in diploma exam reads the recently published note on the pass mark criteria. Follow us on Facebook.

Students mixed reactions:

The new set of rules for pass marks left students with mixed reactions, as the candidate might not give much importance when the pass mark is low and at the same time its beneficial to certain people who are usually slow in grasping the educational systems like pg exams,The motto of new set of rules is to make the dull candidates to also pass and make them come out of the present scenario of less pass percentage, as the exam itself is tougher for younger generation to correctly and systematically focus on the subject and to present iton exam paper.

Beneficial for Non-merit students:

There is a positive response to the change in criteria, as the innovative step will benefit many doctors to pass the exam and soon enough they can see themselves as responsible doctors in the society, and the doctors who do not come into it on excellence basis, it might be helpful to them to a certain extent.
“The new set of rules for pass marks is beneficial to those students who secured seat in medicine through paid basis as they cannot tune up their mind to such a heavy syllabus, and yes this will help such students to pass their exam quickly and to see themselves as doctors” said a doctor of surgery student.

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