Ou affiliated colleges protested against university detain rules

Students from different colleges gathered to raise their voice for the support from Osmania University.Detain rules.Promotion Rules.University detain rules. Apply as student news reporter from your college Follow us on Facebook for more updates

Students from different colleges affiliated to Osmania University gather to raise their voice to get support from University to conduct examination for detained students of university affiliated colleges. This is the second time in this year students protested against university harsh rules and regulations. Many student organizations supported the protest. According to the university, conducting examination for the students is not possible as the year schedule will be fixed once. This will disturb the complete academic calendar year schedule.

Although students claim that supplementary exams were conducted during regular examinations so many students wrote four exams in two days. Apart from this kind of claims students also report that teachers use the weapon of attendance against the student throughout the college life. They know that there’s one thing that the students fear is getting debart due to attendance. So the students also come and attend only for that purpose. Scoring 25% marks in internals are compulsory in many universities, 5 to 10 marks depend on attendance and record submissions. Many students even though attend classes regularly did not get internal marks and that affected the External marks. Many universities across the country follow the same university detain rules.

75% attendance is compulsory and remaining 25%  includes medical, personal, casual, official on duty leave, or leave of absence (OD) for organizing events/ seminars/extracurricular events any other (valid or otherwise) reason. Students from Jntuh affiliated colleges protested in feb due to same harsh university detain rules.

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If you are detained in the first semester then you can appear for all the first year exams in the second semester and clear first year. Special exams are also there for first-year students to make up for the backlogs in the first year. But if you are detained in any other semester then it will be a year back.

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Students from different colleges gathered to raise their voice for the support from Osmania University.Detain rules.Promotion Rules.University detain rules.

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