Opera browser is all set to provide a free VPN service

As announced earlier
for the devices. Initially this year the VPN service was introduced in IOS, and not too
downloadlate but now also in Android. Hurdling all the security restrictions over few pages, now there is full-fledge access to everywhere without creating an account. Previously opera was a promising browser with less data consuming, but now with an improvised no data limit is an astonishing feature as it sinks in with the fastest loading of pages. Now with VPN added be free to surf with a connected internet safely in US, and also routes to the connections in Canada, Germany, Singapore, or the Netherlands. No specifically blocking the ads as the browser does that on its own. Safe of any Wi-Fi connection suggested with its built-in security test.

Now it is all free to surf, share and evolve in the world of information.

Available on Google Play Store.

Happy surfing .

Author: Varsha Vinnakota

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