National Women’s Summit by Pragna Bharati will be conducted in Hyd from February

Pragna Bharati welcome you to the National Women’s Summit, 2018 in Hyderabad. India ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce, says World Bank report. It said the country had one of the lowest female participation in the workforce.This slow yet progressive involvement of women in the economic growth of the country by their rising numbers in the workforce is now propelling a paradigm shift in the society in general and with the Government in particular. Apply as student news reporter from your college

Progressive and sustainable economic empowerment of women is now demanding higher legal, social, political and economic thought to truly empower women to be an equal and important participant of their own growth as well as the growth of the society.The insights and analysis presented in this conference will provide a critical cornerstone for deliberations and will further the process to refine the building blocks for an implementation framework to anchor the women’s development agenda for India. GNITS student commit suicide, not to waste Rs 11 lakhs fee for the engineering course

The venue for National Women’s Summit by Pragna Bharati is Shilpa Kala vedika, HiTech City Main Road, Near Cyber Towers,  Madhapur, Hyderabad. To register visit Facebook

National Women’s Summit by Pragna Bharati

National Women’s Summit Include

  • Expert Panel Discussions
  • Paper Presentations
  • Trade Fair
  • Poster Presentation
  • Short Film Competition
  • Cultural Events

CALL FOR PAPERS- National Women’s Summit

The National Women’s Summit 2018, is a forum to discuss debate and surmise on additional evidence and analysis for constructing a higher discussion on how to design a superior framework to empower women economically and holistically. This year’s conference theme addresses the Women’s Development to Women’s led Development by highlighting the importance of bridging gaps between thoughts and actions.

SIX TRACKS-TWELVE BREAK OUT SESSIONS in National Women’s Summit by Pragna Bharati

1.1. Inclusion, Equality: A myth or a reality: Study of industry trends
1.2. Skills and Technology: Making Indian women

2.1. Policymaking: Global trends and Indian perspective
2.2. From Farm to the Factory: A Road less traveled

3.1. Stretching the boundaries away from ‘women-friendly’ employment options
3.2. Women entrepreneurship: local landscape and global opportunities

4.1. Strength-Based Leadership: Learning skills and leveraging knowledge
4.2. Harnessing, Social, Political and Economic Leadership opportunities for women

5. Women’s rights: Constitution to Legislation
5.1. Constitutional provision of women’s rights: A critical study
5.2.Women empowerment through thoughtful legislation

6.1. Assuring a working woman her right to a dignified and safe workspace: Study of spaces and practices
6.2. Work -Life balance: Say no to stress and work generated lifestyle diseases

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