Nakshatram review, Nakshatram movie is the terrible thing to watch

Nakshatram is another dud delivered in typical Krishna Vamsi’s style.Nakshatram review collections.Nakshatram review.Regina and Pragya, Sundeep Kishan & Sai Dharam Tej

We don’t remember when Krishna Vamsi and his distributors had a laugh whole heartedly. The creative director has been in the process of gaining the momentum back for a long time now. Nakshatram is yet another effort.Facebook Twitter Instagram 

Nakshatram review :What is it about?
Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) is passionate about becoming a Police.  Since his father and grandfather have been into police, Ram Rao aims to continue the legacy. But on an unfortunate note, his dreams get shattered after involving in a fight with a drug addict baddie (Tanish).Shamantakamani is trend setter of multistarrer movies in tollywood || Shamantakamani review
How this incident turned Rama Rao’s life? and How did he take on the drug addict and the society? and How did he manage his love life with Jamuna Rani (Regina)? Who and what is Alexander in the story? Know the answers in nearest theaters.Ami Thumi is a smooth and enjoyable film || Student movie review
Nakshatram review Artists and Performances :
Sundeep Kishan came out of his usual tone and shaped himself exactly as a Krishna Vamsi hero. Yes, the very same loud hero. Although we can understand most of his emotions, not many people would like how Krishna Vamsi made him emote. The word over acting might sound bit harsh. But it was not the problem of Sundeep alone, every other character in the film emotes in the same way, in Krishna Vamsi’s way. Regina Cassandra and Pragya Jaiswal provided over dose of glamor. Sai Dharam was okay in his cameo. Prakash Raj and Sivaji Raja played the other two loud characters.Andhagadu has to be one of the most dishonest films in recent times || Andhagadu movie review
Nakshatram review Technical Talk :
The cinematography was partly decent and mostly mediocre. A couple of songs will look good on-screen. Music is not even a topic. The album is already an outright disaster and the background score is equally bad. Editing is pathetic. The movie is too long, actually long enough to make you tired. Forget the runtime, even the style of editing is very much immature. Production values aren’t good.Gautam Nanda Review || Gautam Nanda is good point with bad taking
Nakshatram review Analysis :
With all respect to Krishna Vamsi, the one who gave us classics like Murari, Ninne Pelladutha, Anthahpuram etc, he is losing his track completely. A filmmaker should probably never vote his style of filmmaking over what the audience love to watch. Srinu Vaitla, Puri Jagannath, Krishna and couple of directors who placed themselves in comfort zone of filmmaking, have been rightly rejected by an audience in recent times. With the above statement, you must understand that Nakshatram is another dud delivered in typical Krishna Vamsi’s style. The plot is an okay thing but the narration and taking made this film a terrible thing to watch.Fidaa movie review : Fidaa is a well made honest love story by Shekar kammula
Plus Points :
* Glamour show of Regina and Pragya
Minus Points :
* Every other thing
Brief Note :
As there is a famous line in Telugu “Patta Pagale Nakshatralu Choopincharu”

Nakshatram review Rating :


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