Mumbai to become a WiFi enabled city

Mumbai : Addicted to the internet? Wish you have unlimited public WiFi? Well, if you are from Mumbai, this dream is on its way to becoming reality. The Maharashtra government has received assistance from the Google crew, headed by Vinay Goel. They are going to take the necessary actions for making Mumbai a WiFi enabled city. This conversation happened when the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis met with Vinay Goel in San Fransico, according to the Minister’s office. Smart Mumbai is a progressive step towards a better India.

You can swipe left or right from literally anywhere without spending a penny from your pocket! Not just that, it will drastically improve the digital literacy rate. The youth of the country will gain a great deal from this investment. This project is being carried out under Mumbai’s Smart City initiation. The major issue would be the expenses incurred for the installation of these 1200 WiFi hotspots in various parts of the city. If that part is sorted out, we can all enjoy the perks of the internet without worrying about the messed up internet tariff plans. But, we cannot overlook the possibility of the increase in cyber crime with this advancement. Also, the likelihood of the rising in the amount of taxes is pretty high. Conclusively, if we are going to end up paying for more than what we use, we will be at the losing end. Though there were many rumours about Mumbai being made a WiFi enabled city in the past, none of them have actually been triumphant. Hopefully, with the support of Google, we will have Mumbai as a WiFi enabled city in the country. Once we have successfully implemented it in one city, it can slowly be propagated to other parts of the country.

WIFI ENABLED CITYA part of Kolkata is already WiFi enabled and soon it is going to be full fledged. The pros will definitely outweigh the cons once the necessary measures are taken to enhance the security. The Internet is playing a very important role in data sharing, socializing, acting as a means of entertainment and providing many other innumerable advantages. Providing these services to the public will prove to be fruitful especially along the lines of education. There is a vast scope for learning on the internet, and this may provide new opportunities to the people who never had the capacity to afford the internet plans of our Telecom services. Lastly, we all are anxiously waiting for it to come into action. Let’s be optimistic in thinking that it will do more good than bad!

Author: Elyuxen

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