Morethan 50000 Ganesh idols immersed in water

Ganesh idols : Devotees celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi  with great devotion, divinity, and gratitude towards lord Ganesha .  Ganesh Chaturthi  is celebrated gracefully in Mumbai, Tamilnadu, Puna and Telangana. Elephant headed god is prayed for 11 days and immersed in rivers and seas. In Telangana, the main attraction is the 58-feet tall idol at Khairtabad in a central part of the city. A huge 400 kgs laddoo had been put on the hand of the idol using a crane. The laddoo of the famous pandal at Balapur village on the city’s outskirts was said to have been won for a whopping sum of Rs. 14.65 lakhs today against Rs. 10.32  lakhs last year. In Hyderabad this year, 60000 idols are immersed in Hussain Sagar , saroor nagar lake, gandipet ,durgam cheruvu and few more. Idol of Ganesha should be made of clay or silver or bronze or gold.  But nowadays for the seek  of attraction the idols are made of plaster of Paris.

Disaster of Plaster of Paris (POP)

  • POP idols are harmful to the aquatic life ,they reduce the oxygen levels in water.
  • They make water useless for drinking purpose by increasing the hardness of the water due to the presence of heavy metals and chemical components of the colours dissolving in the water.

Spiritual pollution

The principle of Sri Ganesha immersion is to dissolve the idol completely in water. But the idol which is made up of POP doesn’t dissolve in water. This is the great insult for the Ganesha. Moreover, the undissolved POP particulates are removed by GHMC and dump them in garbage. By doing this we incur the tremendous amount of sin.

The spritual significance is high in Hindhu Dharma. To accrue the spiritual benefits all the festivals should celebrate according to the spiritual science.

Go ‘eco- friendly’  Ganesha by immersing the idols made of paper or clay next year.

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