Malla reddy students are fighting for a better college infrastructure

Malla reddy students fight against college: An engineering college which is a paradise where Students, Innovation, and creativity meets. But, Nowadays, The values of engineering colleges are getting low because of quality less education provided by institutions. In a country like India, girl education is must and there should be no problems for their education. They should provide world-class facilities to girls and there should be no compromise on that matter. But the students are facing the crisis of quality education and now let’s see the issue.

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Malla Reddy students fighting for justice to improve infrastructure

Malla reddy students are fighting for their justice at their college premises.Students of “MALLA REDDY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FOR WOMEN(MRCEW)” which is located at suraram x road. The college is at low Hight from the road level with a big lake on opposite side of, when the rain comes the ground will be completely occupied by water and students are facing a lot of problems.

At the time of admissions, the management will show all the false infrastructure and make students join the college, later students will realize that they joined in the wrong college.Especially that college doesn’t have any infrastructure related to college. The students are facing problems related to college Labs, Ground, classrooms, Library etc. They are fighting for their rights and sadly management is not responding in this issue. This is a problem from long ago, but they started strike now because the management declared that the college will be shifted to other building which is near dullapally where the empire of Mallareddy institutions exist. But now recently they said there is no shifting of campus, so the students started raising their voice for justice.

Let us support our friends from this college and help them raise their voice reach the justice. (File photo – thumbnail- source photo)


Pramod Reddy

Student News reporter

Author: Elyuxen

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