Lunar eclipse on January 31,Hyderabad to see super moon.

Super moon to be seen by Hyderabadis…

HYDERABAD: Visakhapatnam will witness the Super Blue Blood moon, rare lunar eclipse that occurs only once in a few decades, on January 31 about 20 minutes before it is seen in the rest of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. While Hyderabad residents will witness the lunar eclipse in totality, North Eastern states and Kolkata will witness the eclipse happening as the moon rises earlier there. Digital India Corporation (DIC) Logo and Tagline Contest 2018 on MyGov

The day will see a lunar eclipse which is also a ‘Super Blue’ moon, making it truly a once in a blue moon event. It is the alignment of three different lunar phenomena. The total lunar eclipse will happen when the moon will enter the Earth’s shadow, ensuring that the Sun’s rays do not fall on it.

What is lunar eclipse and super moon ??

lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its umbra (shadow). This can occur only when the sun, Earth, and moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, a lunar eclipse can occur only the night of a full moon. The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon’s location relative to its orbital nodes.

The total lunar eclipse will happen when the moon will enter the Earth’s shadow, ensuring that the Sun’s rays do not fall on it.Follow us on Facebook.

Blue moon a wonder:

The phenomenon which makes the moon a ‘Blue Moon’ is that it is the second full moon of January, the first occurred on January 2. The third makes it a Supermoon i.e. the moon will be the closest to the Earth.

Officials note on watching super moon :

An official from director of Planetary Society, said, “The moon goes around the Earth every month in an oval orbit, and it is far and near the Earth one time in a month. It is coincidental that the eclipse is happening when the moon is closest to the Earth making it seem bigger in size. The moon will also appear red due to the lunar eclipse and is also called ‘blue’ because of the popular saying, ‘Once in a blue moon’ as there are two full moons in a month very rarely.” The visible part of the eclipse will begin at 5.18 pm and last till 8.41 pm.

Although a lot of speculation and rumours have been flying around about this celestial phenomenon happening after 152 years, scientists have denied the claims. They state that in 1982, a lunar eclipse did occur with a blue moon. However, US missed it because of the timeline. Many parts of Asia witnessed that event as it happened on December 30.

Dr Vijay Bhaskar, director of Centre of Space Medicine, has meanwhile asked citizens not to encourage superstitions associated with the lunar eclipse.

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