Literary Fest amazed booklovers of Hyderabad on its first day.

Three-day Hyderabad Literary Fest to focus on Kannada and Spanish language literature; Telugu literature and Telangana culture stood as main highlights.

Hyderabad: The college going and job seeking ,also the citizens of Hyderabad had unbelievable experience on visiting the literary fest beingb held for three days in Hyderabad, the festival is attracting too much of crowd and first day saw its strength.Allen champ scholarship Test, eligibility- class 4-10 students.

Here at fest a handicapped painter projected his talent of painting , Nadaf comes across a versatile personality with his expertise in cooking and playing tambourine. He also is a winner of two gold medals at the National Swimming Championship for the Disabled and in Karate, a yellow belt holder with prizes in mini-Olympics.

Born with a severe defect in both his upper limbs, he learnt to write and paint with his foot and became an accomplished foot painter. Nadaf says “the works of our artists are displayed for sale here in prices ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 36,000.” Follow us on facebook.

 ‘Heidi’ an actor of tollywood addressed kids by story-telling at Literary Fest

Though a host of events were lined up for children at HLF, a beautifully told ‘Heidi’ attracted most.

Heidi is one of the best-selling books authored by Johanna Spyri and is among the best-known works of Swiss literature. It is a novel about the events in the life of a young girl in her grandfather’s care in the Swiss Alps.

Bringing this book close to the children, a team of story-tellers retold Heidi with short teasers of it translated into Hindi by Avanti Deosthale, a translator and story-teller.

The short teaser reading in Hindi and German was followed by a reading in English by the Little Theatre. Apart from storytelling, music composed by George Hull and his team made the event lively for the children.

“For the first time in the country, the story of Heidi was translated in Hindi. As most children love the young girl in this book, we decided to present main parts of the book through storytelling,” said George Hull.

Kids were attracted by the festival.

Dispelling notions that children and youngsters are moving away from reading habits and getting tuned more to technology and social media, the HLF saw them thronging in large numbers on the first day.

While literature lovers showed their interest more towards workshops, stage talks and cultural events, enthusiastic children were seen staying glued to the book exhibition.

The exhibition has more than 15,000 titles encompassing a wide range and including fiction and non-fiction. Varying genres such as political, science, travel, culture, biographies, romance, history and much more can be checked and picked up here.

According to santosh, manager of The Book Point, book exhibition organisers, a discount of 10 per cent was on offer on all books. “Books penned by participating poets and authors in HLF are also available here,” said with a smile on face.

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