LinkedIn CEO wants to share Modi’s ‘passion’ for making a difference in India

LinkedIn CEO wants to share  Modi’s ‘passion’ for making a difference in India

Dynamic, dedicated and determined, Narendra Modi arrives as a ray of hope in the lives of a billion Indians. His laser focus on development and proven ability to deliver results have made him one of India’s most popular leaders. His promise is to build a nation that is strong, prosperous and inclusive, where each and every Indian can realize their hopes and aspirations.

In LinkedIn, there are quite a few no, of International Groups mostly technical and techno-commercial for problem-solving interactions and commenting. There is large no. of Indian scientists, engineers, technologists, economists, management executive and so on, are members of various groups and contribute in a large way through comments, articles, engineering, industrial and business information.
Thus contribute immensely for technical, industrial and commercial and developmental knowledge. CEO shall note this and may interact with the valued Indian members of LinkedIn

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For the second consecutive year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is among the most-viewed CEO s on LinkedIn in India.

Modi, who joined LinkedIn in 2014, currently has just over a million followers on the platform—1,080,779 to be precise. He is also classified by LinkedIn as an “influencer”.In a blog post on the list, LinkedIn said, “A true leader must have a compelling vision to help steer forward. Modi embodies this vision and drive, and is inspiring the nation with his plans for a Digital India, and powering a billion dreams. With over 1 million followers on LinkedIn, he is featured with other top leaders on the list of most-viewed CEO s of India, continuing to put the nation on the world’s map.

This is the man, an embodiment of courage, compassion, and conviction, on whom the nation has bestowed its mandate, hoping that he will rejuvenate India and make it a bright beacon to the world.

Author: Sneha Balasubramanian

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