Know about your College – Badruka , Hyderabad .

Hyderabad is rich in its heritage and culture, also it is a well known fact that the city of the Nawabs has excellent institutions that have been continously training the students in a spectacular way. One such college is BADRUKA which is known to be one of the oldest colleges in Hyderabad.

Seth Ghasiram Gopikishan Badruka laid the foundation to this college inImage030 the year 1950. It was initially a hindi school but today it offers English medium coaching to 9 different streams-Management studies, charted accountancy, economics, commerce, music and dance to name a few.



In the year 2000-2001 the college celebrated its 50years of establishment. The teaching staff is simply incomparable and each teacher is a master in his own subject. They have the magical trick to enable the student excel in each aspect. The college also encourages sports and other cirricular activities that builds up the student’s confidence. Over thousands of students have graduated from this institution and have settled in various parts of the world.




Each student of this college is undoubtedly a proud BADRUKAN. Hence, Badruka has proved itself each time in being the best of the colleges in Hyderabad.

Author: Elyuxen

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