Why did Khairatabad Ganesh immersion happened earlier this time ?

The renowned Khairatabad Ganesh, one of the tallest idols of India at 58 feet this year, has steered clear of the usual ritual of beginning its immersion procession on the eve of the 11th day of the Ganesh celebrations. Starting from this year, the immersion will begin on the morning of the 11th day and end by the same afternoon.


The reason for this break from tradition is that due to the late start of the procession every year, the Idol reached Hussainsagar by late evening and this caused a lot of traffic hold up which continued on until the next day, too. The other pandals, which started out their procession at around the same time further added to the ruckus caused. To prevent this situation from this year on, the committee has decided to take this course of action which has benefitted everyone.To ensure a smooth immersion, roads have been cleared for the procession. Following this example, the Police have requested everyone to start their processions earlier than usual.


Author: Richa Ambatipudi

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