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Keshava movie review :

Banner : Abhishek Pictures
Cast : Nikhil, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar, Rao Ramesh and others
Producer : Abhishek Nama
Director : Sudheer Varma
Music Director : Sunny MR
Release date : 19 May, 2017
Unarguably, Nikhil is one of the most versatile actors we have got. From film to film, the Happy Days star is trying to project himself as an actor with taste. Keshava,directed by Sudheer arma is just another experiment in his career. Right from the first look, the film generated huge hype. Let’s see if the film has managed to live up to the hype or not.
What it is about ?
Keshav (Nikhil) suffers with a rare condition called Dextrocardia. His heart is situated at the right side of the chest, much unlike a normal person. Bowing to his rare physical condition, Keshav cannot do anything in excitement and anxiety. He has to be the coolest person we can see even at an extreme happening like murder. But what made a law student like Keshav turn a serial killer ? Who is Satya Bhama (Ritu Verma) in his life? What impact the appointment of special officer Sharmila (Isha Koppikar) had on Keshav’s serial killings case ? Know the answers at the nearest theaters.
Artists and Performances : 
This is by far the most out of the box role played by Nikhil. We all know how good he is at comedy timing. To the surprise, he barely speaks in the film. He can’t emote more and he can’t talk more. Within these limitations Nikhil pulled off an excellent performance. Ritu Varma had not much to do in the story. She looked simple and beautiful at usual gracefulness. Isha Koppikar did a fine job but her character would have really tighten up things, had she been dubbed for herself. Anasuya’s voice sounds bit odd on her face. Rao Ramesh has got a weak characterization. Priyadarshi and Vennela Kishore managed to bring some laughter.
Keshava movie review
Technical Talk : 
Cinematography of Diwakar Mani stands tall and above the story and screenplay. If not breathtaking, this thriller has got some top notch visuals. Diwakar Mani needs a special mention for the colors he used and the bird view angles he employed to capture the visuals. Sunny MR’s music is just okay if you listen to songs without film. Fortunately they sync with the film. Background score is good at parts and below par at times. The film is just here and there of 2 hours. Still, you can count few to several scenes which could have  been chopped. So, editing doesn’t really impress. Production values are too good.
Analysis : 
One can’t make good thrillers with over use of cinematic liberty. A thriller should be kept raw and real. Keshava fails here. Commercially coated logic makes Keshava less engaging. Especially in the second half, it sounds and looks like a Telugu movie. So, we are back to our roots. Except for Nikhil, no character registers in your mind. What is shocker here ? Dextrocardia has nothing much to do with the way murders have been executed. Keshav looks like one of us.
At the end, Keshava is a decent attempt. It isn’t a bad movie but not engaging enough either. Pay a watch if you want to taste a different curry even if it is half cooked.

Keshava movie review Plus Points :

* Nikhil
* Cinematography
* Decent first half
Keshava movie review Minus Points :
* Inserted comedy
* Cinematic Liberty
* Second half
* Fluctuation in the narration
Keshava movie review Brief note :
Half baked Keshava
Keshava movie review Boxoffice Prediction :
8-13 cr share
Keshava movie review Rating : 

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