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Mrudhula Gongura from Malla Reddy engineering college received Gold Medal.Jntuh university toppers Interview.JNTUH university Toppers list and updates.JNTUH Read Interview below Apply as student news reporter from your college Follow us on Facebook

Mrudhula Gongura pursued  Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Mallareddy College of Engineering and Technology Hyderabad got Gold Medal from JNTUH university from the 2012-2016 batch. Mrudhula gongura Father, Gongura Srinivasa Rao is a Life insurance executive officer who always supports her in each and every aspect of her life and her mother Gongura Uma is a home maker who cares for her in every situation.Mrudhula gongura has one sibling Gongura Sai Rakesh pursuing Btech(Mechanical) in Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Kharagpur.

1.Congrats on being the university. What is your experience in knowing that you are the topper of the university?

Thank you for the wishes. Actually, I got to know this news from my Head of the department(HOD) when I was on my way to college, to collect my certificates. I felt very excited immediately I contacted my parents and my friends, shared the news they too felt very happy. My father words were like that his dream got fulfilled, he was very happy and proud at that moment.

2. Tell us about your schooling and Intermediate along with Marks/percentage?

I Completed my Schooling in Dr.KKR’s Gowtham Concept School Gudiwada, Krishna DT and I  Scored 92.66% in my X Standard. I Completed my Intermediate from Sri Chaitanya Jr College(CV Raman Bhavan) Vijayawada, Krishna DT and I Scored 94% in Intermediate.

3. Why did you choose to be an engineer? India is producing tons of engineers every year but still why did you choose to be an engineer? What are your aim and passion?

As technology is changing day by day, My passion on Coding and eager to learn various new technologies made me opt CSE branch in Btech. My aim is to become IAS officer, Contribute my services to the Society.

4. Mrudhula gongura is calm and composed and not very popular in your college. Why?

I used to manage my time on studies as well as I participated in many technical and cultural events conducted in various colleges, I spent most of my free time with friends in college.

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5. Tell us about your co curricular activities. Any sports? cultural ? arts ? participation?

I learned classical dance in my childhood, I participated in many events conducted by my college.I have done stage performance of classical dance on my College Annual day Celebrations.I am fond of making greeting cards, Decorative things, Paper crafts.I feel relaxed when I play Table Tennis and Badminton with my friends.

6. What role did Mrudhula gongura friends play in your life? Share few memories with your friends with us along with names.

When I used to recollect my past, my childhood friends Ramya, Pavan, Monika, Spandana always comes to my mind, the fun and crazy things we did with innocent minds. My friends are the worthiest part of my life.I am very lucky to have such a great friends.We are a gang of 6 people in college Kiran, Pallavi, Prashanth, Karthik, Vamsi.We used to enjoy a lot by chit chatting, watching movies, share the moments and they always supported me in my up’s and downs. College life is not only the ending part of having friends, again proved me by giving friends for life Sai Sreeram, Geethika, Harish, Rashmika.I am very thankful to God for having such great friends who always encourage me.

7. Many JNTUH students complain about correction system.How did you manage your exams?

I used to learn the entire concept and used to project in a detailed manner in examinations which helped me in scoring the best results.

8.How do Mrudhula gongura prepare for the exams? Any Pro Mantra tips to our readers?

I used to concentrate on lectures in college, prepared notes of my own and used to refer the text books suggested by my lecturers. Most of the Knowledge can be grabbed from class room teaching this will helps a lot to any student for fulfilling their dreams.

9. Who is your fav faculty and why? What kind of role faculty played in your success?

When I was in my X standard, Simhachalam Sir who inspired me a lot by lecturing the good thoughts.He dealt the topics in an easy manner that any Student can catch the concept in a perfect manner. I was fond of teaching by Vinay Simha Reddy Sir in my Btech.His Conceptive based teaching, the way of explaining the topics was excellent.I used to discuss my dreams and passions with him.He is the person who guides me in my professional career.

10.One thing which separates your college from rest other? Tell us some interesting facts about your college?

I am feeling proud to talk about my college as it becomes a platform for various Successful careers.It shaped so many students and Parents lives Colorful.

11.Did you face any struggles during your education? If yes tell us one worst experience you faced till now?

I did not face any struggles during my education in this aspect I am very thankful to my parents for their continuous shadowing on me.

12.What is your parent’s role in your life? How did they react after knowing that you are University topper? 

My Parents played very important role, they are the backbone of my life.They are the shareholders and partners of my Success, my life would have become tougher without them.They felt very excited on hearing news of my success.

13.Tell us One dark secret or confession which you want to share but never got any chance to share? 

Secrets to be kept Secret only JJJ.

14.What are your future plans? Are you working now? If yes, share you working experience with us? 

I have been working as Software Engineer for Apps Associates Pvt ltd in Hyderabad.I have a plan of pursuing masters in MBA in IIM.My AIM is to become an IAS Officer.

15.JNTUH academic & examination rules and regulations are changing every year and getting tougher to clear semester.Do you think is it necessary to change rules and regulations every year? Whats your take on the present education system?

As of changing trends in technology and Science, the rules and regulations of Examinations need to be changed It should be according to the current situations to bring out the best careers which help for society. Examinations should test the intelligence, Smartness, Problem Solving Capability, the Analytical mind of the student.It helps a lot to get the best Students who are the future citizens of Society.

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Mrudhula Gongura from Malla Reddy engineering college received Gold Medal.Jntuh university toppers Interview.JNTUH university Toppers list and updates.JNTUH

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