College management’s deny support to JNTUH students protest

Hyderabad, JNTUH students protest: Every year hundreds of engineering students from different engineering colleges protesting against JNTUH evaluation and credit system. From last 18 months, more than 12 protests reported against JNTUH evaluation and credit system. Many student organizations supported JNTUH B.Tech students protest and helped students. Even many engineering college managements supported students protest against JNTUH exam evaluation system and harsh credit based detained system from last few years. But this time, College management’s and few student organizations denied their support for students protesting for Advanced supplementary examinations understanding the fact behind the strict credit system by JNTUH to improve engineering education standards in JNTUH affiliated colleges. Also, many colleges are busy with 2018-2022 admissions.

However, Telangana Rastra Samithi Vidyarthi Vibhagam extended their support to JNTUH students protest and submitted a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of JNTUH Venu Gopal Reddy to conduct Advance supplementary examinations. Few students took this protest to social media and tagged Telangana IT minister K.T.R to support them. K.T.R responded (Social media response, No direct press release) saying, “I spoke toVice-Chancellor of JNTU Venu Gopal reddy garu and brought the issue to his notice. He will consider your request for advance supplementary exams and resolve the issue soon”.

JNTU-H witnessed the first protest in October 2016 after introducing the new credit-based detain system. For R09 students, the minimum number of credits to enter 3rd year were only 32 credits. So if a student is able to clear Labs and two theory subjects, he/she can enter 3rd year. However, JNTUH changed promotion rules for R13, R15, R16 students.

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In 2016, for the first time nearly, 13,000 of them have been detained as they didn’t have a minimum of 28 credits. Meanwhile, 8,000 students failed to clear the supplementary exams. But JNTUH registrar Prof N. Yadaiah said that there isn’t any confusion as the detained students can write the supplementary exams next year and get required credits and join their juniors R16 who took admission in 2016.

JNTUH introduced two academic semesters in the first year for R16 regulation students, so every student must have at least 24 credits out of 48 credits i.e., 50% of credits up to the first year second semester from all the relevant regular and supplementary examinations, whether the student takes those examinations or not. One of the students from Gurunanak said I have 23 credits now. So JNTUH will detain me for not having one credit. I have to sit one year for just one credit. There are many students with the shortage of 1 or 2 credit who will be detained. So, we need advance supplementary exams”.

JNTUH registrar Prof. Yadaiah Yadav said,“We can’t conduct a strong building with a weak base. If we conduct the advance supplementary exam, students will not learn properly.” He said, “students should learn better in the college instead of being unemployed later by somehow passing the examination”.

Final report on conducting advance supplementary examinations will be released today.

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